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My 2003 And Buying A Swing Set


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Jan 10, 2003
O'Fallon, MO
Yesterday while at work I decided to buy a swing set for my daughter--she's 20 months old btw. So after work I went to Walmart and they had a 3 swing set with slide and see saw for only $78. Not bad. I added a Little Tykes tolder swing for $20.

I loaded the box in the back of the Av with the midgate up. It would have been OK like that, strapped in, but I had other things in the bed and really needed to have the tailgate up. So, I moved the carseat to the front, put the midgate down and slid the boxed-up swingset the rest of the way in.

Here's the cool part about the 2003: Since the 2003 has the passenger-side airbag automatic disabling sensor, this was an option for me. I strapped the carset in the front, and the passenger side airbag indicator was "Off". Perfect....I went and picked up my daughter.

She had a great time up front with me on the way home, and I fell more comfortable with her up there since the airbag was automatically disabled. If I would have bought a 2002, this wouldn't have been an option, since I understand the passenger side airbag cut off system was added on the 2003's.

CraigF: I agree! What a great feature! My youngest son is old enough to legally sit up front; however, he's 'slim' of stature. I was always worried about him sitting in the front of my other car as the airbags could not be turned off. This allows me to take him to Home Depot/Lowe's and get all the big stuff and not worry about him sitting in front with the mid-gate down! ;D
With a little tyke of my own, I too like the airbag cutoff, although he only rides in the back right now (14+ months old).

What's not mentioned is this feature adds to the "coolness" factor...who doesn't like extra lights, buttons, bells, whistles, etc? ;D
What somewhat surprises me about the feature is that the insurance companies aren't screaming for it to be standard in ALL vehicles.

How many front-end collissions that pop both bags could be greatly reduced in claims value if only the driver's side bag popped due to no passenger, thus that bag not being active.
Can I get some more info on this passenger-side airbag automatic disabling sensor, what was the order code or the group package it came with.

How does it work

Gene said:
Can I get some more info on this ?passenger-side airbag automatic disabling sensor, what was the order code or the group package it came with. How does it work
It's standard. Has a sensor in the seat. Not enough weight, airbag off. (I beleive this is how it works.) What I don't like is the readout in the bottom of the rearview mirror that indicates on or off. Don't need anything taking up space there.
The location of the indicator doesn't bother me at all. ?In fact, with the midgate window so short, the rearview mirror may actually be a little oversized in comparison.

But yes...the automatic cut-off is one of many great features on my Av...and yesterday was the first time I took advantage of it.

I'm sure you can add a cut off switch, but I doubt you can retrofit the 03 automatic switch. I think the 03 uses a very different wiring schematic throughout the entire vehicle....

This is one of the things I suggested GM change when I filled out my survey. (Do you think they listened to me :0:)

I can fill out a form and get it legaly disabled with a switch but it sure would have been nice if it came from the factory that way in 2002.
In order to get that key switch installed I think you car. or truck, can't have a full size back seat. You caould do it in a extra cab truck or something along those lines. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure thats how it is here. I guess the AV is the exception to that rule now that I think about it. DUH!

We can get it in the AV because when it converts there is no back seat.