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My 3rd to my last MOD


Full Member
Jan 24, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
OK guys..this is what I'm thinking about doing to my '04 AV Z71, Summit White..I would like to paint my fender flairs white to match the rest, but not sand them.  I've seen many trucks with flairs that do not have a smooth, shiny surface, like the Bushwakers, and many I've seen are painted the same as the rest of the truck.  I would probably have a local body shop paint these, and leave them on the AV while they do it.  It might tie up my ride for a couple of days, but that's OK with me..What's your opinions?
If textured look is what you prefer, then go for it! It does look very :cool: ! I'm more of the smooth finish, but the textured looks good as well!