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My Av Is 2 Years Old Today


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Feb 14, 2002
Chicago (Woodstock) area
My build date is June 4, 2001 - its 2 year old birthday. Only problem was the rear window frame cracked, replaced under warranty. I purchased in late Dec. 2001.
Filler up with gas and give her a wash and wax job. ;D
Half-Breed, did we ever figure out if you were the first Av owner on the board?
Sorry boys I had mine in my drive way June 1st 2001.
it was at it's first show by june 21 of that year. The pre prodution model was at that show and the guy from GM
thought I was kidding when I told him I had one sitting outside. By the time we went outside there was about 40 people all around it, of corse I had to change it for them. LOL :B:Any way that show is in Pa. at the end of june I will be there for the 3rd time. look for my AV under the JL Audio tent, See you there. (now 38,000miles) Glenn Enkei Avalanche :B:
Not Fair Halfbreed.... only 16 k? Will you share? I have 42k on mine and it's 2 months younger :6:
Today marks my 2nd anniversary with my Avalanche. ;D I've enjoyed every minute of it. I'm hoping to see at least another 2 glorious years with the Av - it's just such a great vehicle. The Avalanche will also be the first vehicle I've ever kept longer than 2 years. (y)
I'm with you. We have owned ours for 17 months now and the only problem has been a cracked rear window trim. It was replaced by a great dealer (Bill Fox Chevy in MI) with no questions asked.

This great truck has done everything asked of it and asked for more. We pull a travel trailer and the Av does a great job. Couldn't be happier.

Being a member of this club has provided many hours of enjoyment. We are jealous of ECR because we didn't get to go. Great stories and pics. (y)

Our AV is a keeper.