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My AV Is Smoking


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May 28, 2002
La Vernia, TX
After going to Walla Walla WA to day I started my AV tonight and smoke came from the tail pipe :8: :8: :8: :8: :8: :8: :8: :8: I am taking it to the dealer tomarrow any one know why it might be doing this?
AvaLance said:
any one know why it might be doing this?

I feel for you - and well, yes, I do recall seeing more than a few discussin threads on smoking avs . . . . hope the PCV valve fiz solves it. On the bright side, at least it happended under warranty - my fear is that my early build date Av will start smoking AFTER the warranty runs out.
Took mine in Monday for the same problem. Brought it back home Tuesday with a new lifter kit and new PCV valve. Service ticket was written up with "replace lifters with new design." Sounds like there was a design error.
Haven't noticed any smoke, but I haven't been on any long trips yet, and that is when I notice the problem.
I believe it is the lifters. Some were throwing too much oil into the valve train... so much oil in fact that it oil could be sucked through the PCV valve and into the intake.

The true fix, in my opinion, is new lifters. The band-aid is installing a new style PCV valve (smaller hole) and sealing the baffle beneath the valve cover with high-temp RTV sealant.

I have the "band-aid" fix and no longer have any problems with oil consumption or smoke upon start up.
Hey Avalance, how many miles do you have on your AV? Coincidentally, my "check oil level" light came on the message center 1/2 hour ago. I just had the oil changed 11 days ago and I have 21,119 miles (D.O.B. 09/2001). I took it back to the oil shop and they needed to add 2 quarts of oil! The manager showed me all of the oil smoot on the exhaust pipe and said she is burning oil, for sure!

I will heed the advice of timcosco when I take it in tomorrow morning. This is VERY disappointing that this is happening :8:

Anyone else having this problem? Maybe a bad batch of engines??? I would reccommend other AV owners to check out that exhaust pipe and see if there is alot of oil smoot on there.
this board has threads on this, Timsco initiated one, for example. I am interested in this topic becuase of one of the conclusions that we seemed to reach - the oil consuption / smoking av issue (on start-up, it seems) has been largely associated with early build date avs (I have one of those), pre- 11/01 builds if I recal the general conclusion. this led to a flurry of questions about how to determine one's build date, to head off that topic again the build date is noted on the driver side door placard.

Mine is not smoking yet or showing an appetite for oil, but keeping an eye on it!