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MY BRAND NEW 2003 AV was hit from behind, while I sat @ light by a 97 for escort.....His car is totaled....The AV only needs a new bumper....but it still looks ok........
Ouch! Glad everyone was ok. Sounds like your AV came through with flying colors.

Always hate to see that happen to a new truck/car but at least now you have some confidense that it will come through for you should it ever happen again.

what, no pics?
I hope your OK. my 02 was rear ended by an 85 full size jeep wagoner. I was on pecocet for a month for back pain.
I feel your pain >:D I hope both, you and your AV quick recovery....
Sorry to hear about the accident, but glad you're okay. Hope the bumper repair is quick and just the way you want it.
chrisdemo, if you want to see a mind blower on being hit search around on alaska av to see what happened to him,......and what he did about it... you know your av will take care of you, and kinda like your pet dog or cat , the av will like you even more if you throw it a goody now and then, a mod goody that is. if you have to heal up the puppy, study how to do a mod on the fixem up
Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope your ok and your AV heals up ok. Just know that we are here for you...mods, additions, changes, and even through accidents.

Get well soon.....both of you!
Be grateful that you weren't sitting in the Escort and got whacked by an Av.............

Glad to hear there was minimal damage and wish you a SPEEDY recovery. BTW.. I take it the AIRBAGS weren't set off. That is also another PLUS for you (not having to replace them).

Good Luck and Speedy recovery. :rolleyes:
Man You and I both. It's a small spin off club of the CAFCNA. :8: It's a club that NO AV OWNER wants to be in. At least there was minimal damage to your Av and you know who hit you. In my case I got hit in parking lot when I was in eating lunch and they didn't tell me who did it.

That is my worst nightmare. I was very fortunate to get my AV at a rock bottom price. There is no way I could afford to buy one at full price. I'm terrified that some mule who's not paying attention is going to whack me and take out my AV.

I'm glad no one was hurt. However I would have been tempted to tell the police, "Honest Officer he ran into my fist just like he ran into my AV!"
chrisdemo said:
MY BRAND NEW 2003 AV was hit from behind, while I sat @ light by a 97 for escort.....His car is totaled....The AV only needs a new bumper....but it still looks ok........
Glad to hear that you aren't hurt. There might have been a different outcome had you not been in a full sized truck.
byron, does this mean that you are...... "emotional" over your av??? chrisdemo is a newbie, but will he be surprised when he finds out he has 3000 new friends here on the cafcna, that would stand right behind him, just in case he has to "duke" it out with somebody that ... hurt an. av. guess we... do,.. take it personal!!
Hope everything is OK....
Sorry to hear you were hit.

I was almost hit a couple of weeks ago. In my rear view mirror, I saw a ricer coming up real fast (and of course he was yacking on the phone) behind me, while I was stopped. I thought for sure I was going to get whacked. Then I hear a screeeeeeeech. Then I see him come out from behind my Av in the next lane, swerving and rocking all over the place. He quickly regains control and heads on his way as if nothing happened. :rolleyes:
Another story about an AV being an accident and the AV coming out on top - Glad you weren't hurt.