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My AV Was Keyed Too... :(


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Feb 15, 2002
~ Beaumont, CA. ~
I was in such a good mood today. I went out to wash my truck this morning cause were leaving for Wild West 2002 in the morning...and to my horror I discovered that someone keyed the shi* out of my truck. Looks like they took something and slashed up and down numerous times and even felt like marking my truck with some X's.
I feel like crying. My day is ruined. ?:cry:
I'm attaching a pic of the damage so you all can cry with me. ?Misery loves company you know. ?:cry:

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
My heart aches with you. :cry:
Did this happen at your home?
Any chance that I video camera somewhere might have picked it up?
Find out who did it and I know a couple hundred people (CAFCNA) that will assist. >:D

I had the same thing happen in the same area of the AV.

I used many many layers of Zanio after doing the clay bar and it helped make the marks not as noticeable.

It might help that my AV is Pewter and doesn't show the key marks as bad.

Sorry that this happened to you

I'm so sorry. I know how mad I would be if I saw that.

Any chance it could be buffed out?

I'm sorry this happened to you Cindy. Somepeople do this because they can't seem to stand someone having something nice. Others do it with the mistaken belief they are striking some kind of blow for the environment. Still others are just plain @$$holes. Of course that makes no difference to the victims of these jerks. Did this happen in front of your home? I hope that somehow you are able to find out who these miscreants are so they can receive there just rewards.
Do you have vandalism coverage on your vehicle insurance? My vehicle was egged on my birthday, and I am looking at getting it repaired, though I still need to pay a $250 deductible.

Just my two cents. I am sorry to hear about what happened. :(
Sorry for you damage. We all cry with you :cry: :C: :cry:
Posted by: Prince_FuFu Posted on: Today at 11:28am
Find out who did it and I know a couple hundred people (CAFCNA) that will assist.

We're with FuFu......Let us know !
Unfortunately all you can do for now is notify the local PD and see if your insurance will cover the damage less the deductable. I wish I/ we could catch the irresponsible party (s) that do these dastardly acts of vandalism.

I am so bummed and angry that this happened to you :8:

Let us know how everything turns out.
I'm so sorry too. I didn't want to see the picture becuase I knew how painful it was going to be just by looking.

Since I've been parking outdoors lately, I'm wondering if I should get the AV cover. Anything to help. I'm sorry that it had to be one of "us".
I'm really sorry about what happened to your AV and I sincerely hope it can be buffed out.

I admired your AV at last week cruise and believe me you have a great looking AV and a few scratches will not take that away.

I hope your still going to attend Wild West 2002.
Hey All! Thanks for the kindly words and support. I feel much better already. (y) My AV family is the best! :love:
While it did ruin my day...I won't let it ruin my vacation. When we get back I'll figure out what we have to do to fix the damage. I am hoping the majority of the damage will buff out.
I have no idea if it happened in my driveway or in WalMart's parking lot? I sincerely hope someone in my neighborhood didn't do it. There is just no way to know for sure. I guess its time to beef up security.
That is just not right. Im looking at it and thinking about my Av that was just fully painted out on my driveway. Hopefully you can get a good detailer to get out most of the marks.

It has to just piss you off that someone would do that. just go to show you how jealous some people can be :( :mad:

My Av was keyed shortly after I purchased it. I am young and some people are just jealous of what others are able to own. Best Wishes on the repair work! Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

That was after the dealer put a 2 inch tool grating replacing my windshield.

I now park the Av in the driveway!

I was so bummed to hear this. I know how much you adore your truck Cindy. I hope that the scratches can be buffed out.

The scratches didn't appear to be to deep in the photo. Maybe some neighborhood kids did it.
This make me furious! It looks like the scratches aren't too deep in the photos. They should polish out.
If it was a local job, maybe you can corner one of the kids that you know or their parent can corner their kid. On a one on one the good kids will sing like a cannery.
This is one of the subclubs on this forum I had hoped never to be a member of. Unfotunately, I now am. I parked too close to the stairwell in a parking structure. The parking strucuture is used by people wokring downtown and those shopping at a 'enviro-friendly' grocery store across the street.

I walked arounf the AV as always checkign it out before heading out. Looking for new 'free' stickers or scratches. (hey, I have only had it a month now - gimme a break). Anyway, the tailgate faced the door and was not even 2 feet away from it. Some lowlife reached over and put two keyed scratches about 6" long in the tailgate. Each goes clear down to the metal. The bottom one still had the curled piece of paint hanging from it. :cry:

Why don't people respect other people s property? Is it simple jealousy? One too many timeouts and not enough spankings? This really is not the way to win me over to their viewpoint.
I don't even have an Av yet and I feel so badly for you. I know it is a "material" thing, but, it is just the blatant disrespect for people's belongings that bother me so much. I have absolutely no respect for people who would rather make people feel bad than make themsevles feel good. When I do get an Av, I think I'm going to be real careful to make sure it has a location in a garage at home... that's the best anybody can hope for.
This just sickens me. :D: I find it disgusting that some people feel the need to valdalize someone elses property for no good reason. Sorry to see that Cindy :cry:
Cindy, my heartfelt sorrow to you and your Av :cry:. (You too Kevin...)

My Av was keyed about 2 weeks ago... they scawled all over the driver's rear door and back fender... clear down to the primer. :C: I got the estimate this week... $702.00

... you mentioned Wal-Mart... that's where I was parked when mine was keyed. I wonder if those jack asses had any idea how many years of school and/or hard work go into being able to buy a nice truck. If they were in school or at work instead of hanging around a Wal-Mart parking lot, maybe they could afford their own Av and leave ours alone.

It's probably for the best that I didn't catch them... I'd probably be in jail right now if I had. :cautious:
Well, ?Looks like I too am a vicim of maliciousness. ?Last Wednesday night some looser put some nice free-hand key scratches on my front passenger door. ? :8: :8: :8:

It really sucks. ?I am thankful that at least he had the common descency to only do it on the door and not down the length of the truck. ?:cautious:

If anyone has any tips or know any good places that fix scratches, I would love to hear.

I really hope that it doesn't happen to any of you guys. ?It's no fun.