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My Avalanche Was Keyed


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Well I had my Av washed yesteday as we are getting a rare 24 hours without rain or snow after the last two weeks. The car wash I went to did a particularly bad job of washing my Av so I went outside this morning with some quick detailer to get rid of some of the water spots and dirt streaks (and in defense of the car wash the dribbles under the mirror and top cargo boxes).

So doing the rounds I find where some freakin bunghole has put a huge "X" on my front passenger door. :mad: :mad: :mad: :cry: :cry: :cry:

It is about 8" square, two distinct marks. The longer of the two is pretty light, and appears to only be a deep scrath of the clear coat. The shorter of the two can be perceived with a finger nail :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: which means it's down to damn primer.

I'm so angry and sad at the same time. I have 5,400 miles on my three month old Avalanche. Why do people do stuff like this? I'm not allowed to have a nice vehicle to drive?

I'm not going to get it painted (what's the point) I'll just wax the crap out of it. I'm 90% sure I can get the longer of the two to dissapear - but the shorter one is there to stay. It didn't stand out that much in the dim sunlight we had this morning, but you'll see it a mile away when the sun shines.


:mad: :cry: :mad: :cry: :mad: :cry:
Sorry to hear of the trouble. I'd be very, very angry. Actually, I'd like to tell you what I really think about it, but that would offend my fellow av fans. It seems like you have to watch the truck 24/7 to make sure it doesn't happen, but that's not realistic. Ugh. It'll likely happen to some other folks in the club, but it shouldn't happen so soon. :cry:
I hear you guys on this one. My loving wife gives me grief everywhere we go because of where I choose to or not park. I refuse to park next to any Mini-van. Been dinged by two many inconsiderate kids. I exclusively park with at least one side near a solid object: cart return, curb, wall etc. Then I park so I am as close to this object as I can get while still allowing you to exit from that side of the truck.

What's the difference? My 3 year old Expedition only had 1 door ding while my wife's 2 year old Grand Am has a few on both sides.

I'll take the crap from her knowing that at least I did my part to protect the finish from the "other" elements.
Sorry to hear about the keying. I know how you feel. You can't have anything nice without some idiots wanting to bugger it up because they can't have one.

I posted in another thread about my Av getting keyed too. I was beyond boiling. My Av was perfect in every way before this happened. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. :mad: :( :-[
Door dings are probably part of life - there will always be kids being kids . . .

BUT . . . it's this sort of wanton deliberate destruction that gets my anger up. It is sad that it makes some feel better by damaging that which belongs to someone else

You've got my sympathy Chief.
Stuff like this is beyond understanding. And in out fair state none-the-less. We can hope they broke a nail and catch a nasty infection. Maybe even some back and sue you for medical bills (wouldn't be the first dumb criminal). Well, we can hope.... ;D
Sorry to hear about this, Chief, :-[ It happened to me in '97 with my brand-new shiny black f-150 3door. Had it only 3 days!!! :mad: Only good thing is I caught the guy while he was doing it! Lets just say this scumbag ended up being REALLY sorry for what he'd done. ;) ;)

Anyway, how about trying one of those colored wax sticks used to coat & fill deeper scratches in paint? It filled mine pretty well, you could still find the scratch only by looking hard for it.

coolbeans said:
Anyway, how about trying one of those colored wax sticks used to coat & fill deeper scratches in paint? It filled mine pretty well, you could still find the scratch only by looking hard for it.


Tried that on another blue car I owned. ?It worked OK, but it was still noticable. ?Black is black, but with some shades of blue or red... ?:cautious:

You are correct there, one can end up with fairly pithy results.
I did forget to say that on my daughter's car , I found some light to medium scratches which I was able to remove by using that GS27 stuff sold on tv. Yes, I was really skeptical, but decided what the hay... now I'm impressed! :) you have to use it on cool paint for it to work best on any color.
Hey Coolbeans,

Good for you. I mule kicked a puke's Toyota driver door in all the way to the glass after he dinged the door of my last truck. The really awesome part was---he was in the driver's seat. I turned my back to him and mule kicked his cheap tin can door and it broke his window which was down. Should have seen the look on his face!!!! I told him to get of his jap piece of crap so I could do the same to him.... he drove off like the puke he was. I'm surprised you haven't been flooded by the mamby pamby little babies on this board that had their feelers hurt because we don't like their idiot cats on our trucks. Violence---it scares the little girls!!!!

Don't ding my truck and you won't have to meet me.

Sorry about the Av Chief, we can't help there are some reall !#&^% in the world today.... :mad:

Hope that waxing it will somewhat fix the problem....sometimes as careful as we maybe be about where we park/drive.....trouble just comes and finds us...unfortunate. :(
I hate to hear stuff like this....My wife gets angry with me because I will not park next to other vehicles. I prefer the end space in left field. I think there are those that target vehicles that are parked in the end spaces.
If I cought someone doing that they would meet my H&K.
Chief. I know how you feel. I had just had my Z28 repaired after some clown hit it in a parking lot. I went to pick up my girlfriend, who is now my wife, from her dorm at school. I came out to find my new paint, along with 2 other cars keyed all the way down both sides. That kind of stuff drives you absolutely crazy. A few months later, another clown tapped the bumper in another lot while I was in the car. He started laughing. He left with no grill, and one less headlight though! Revenge is sweet!
Thanks guys - it's just really frustrating - I've only had two cars never messed with. My Porsche 944-S2 and my Merkur xR4Ti. The Porsche I babied and treated like a trophy. The Merkur was in bad shape to begin with.

* My Ford EXP was door dinged to hell
* My Tempo GL Sport got backed into in a parking lot and doored ON PURPOSE - I caught the guy that did that one
* My Probe got side swipped in a parking lot at just three weeks old, then stolen, then keyed, and then just before I got rid of it side swiped in another parking lot
* My S-10 got door dinged to hell
* My Montana got side swipped in a parking lot
* My Avalanche got keyed and earlier someone at Stevens leaned their skis on my tailgate and scratched it to hell

I just don't understand why people are so insensitive.

It's just sickening how no one cares.
Yes, some people are insensitive, and is it just me, or does it seem to be getting worse? Even in the one-horse town I live in, you have to be careful where you park or your doomed! I've seen parents let their kids climb all over sombody elses truck & just say nothing!
I sometimes have a bad habit of wondering out loud to these people " is this how you want your kids to grow up , just like you ,not respecting anybody's hard-earned property??"
All I get is "aint hurtin nothin it's just a truck." :rolleyes:

try to have a good day :)
Dont waste your money on that new turtle wax stuff that is made for your color car (blue black red green). It comes with a lipstick tube. It doesnt work.

Try some Z5 on it you would be surprised. When my dad hit my truck i used it on one spot that had left a white scuff and it took the whole thing out

You will probably need 3 coats. Rub hard
I can vouch for the GS27 as well. Just be sure to "spot Zaino" the area after you finish as you will get some hazing of your clear coat.

Also, call a few car dealerships and see who they use for their quick paint touch-ups. My experience with these guys is that most of them are quite good. They all work out of their trucks and are used to fixing all the damage done to new vehicles by salespeople who drive them like bats out of h@##!
Chief, I feel your pain and feel your rage. My sincere sympathy.

My Red Warrior, a 2002 - 2500 Av was parked at the Clackamas Costco (clear in the back of the parking lot) and some butthead put a door into my drivers door.

The ding is so deep that it had to be intentional. The dent is about three inches above the cladding, so it had to be a jacked-up teenagers truck.

There is a special place in Hell for people like that. What is the matter with their heads?

Reading some of the posts this reminds me of a child running amock story of mine.

So when my wife and I bought our Montana we did right off of the show room floor (it's the second vehicle we've done that). So we're closing up the paperwork (they left it on the floor because it was all detailed anyway) and while we're doing it this family of monkeys arrives. The little monkeys have those sippy cups that leak.


Of red Kool-Aid.

The little monkeys with mom and day just crawling all around the Montana on the show room floor.

My Montana

With leaking sippy cups


Of red Kool-Aid.

On my gray cloth interior

I watch this go on for a couple of minutes in horror.

I get up and get the sales manager and tell them and I quote:

"Get those God D**n kids and Kool-Aid out of my van."

The kids got yanked - the van got locked. The van got shampooed from stem to stern. The van needed new floor mats. From red Kool-Aid. In leaking sippy cups.

People can be total idiots...
That story is sad and yet funny... but your syntax and written presentation had me rolling on the floor!

Delivery is everything!! ;D ;D ;D

Jeez how I feel your pain! It hasn't happened to me yet - I put my first scratch it it myself with a ladder wiping the top down after a wash. Needless to say, my wife was just thankful she wasn't the first one to put the scratch on the new Av!.

Since I'm a banker I meet lots of people, two which I help start in the paint and body business. Voila! No can tell now. Yeeeeeeha!

Going to spend Sunday Zainoizing my Av. Looking forward to the finished product!
try using gs-27 used it on my wifes black acura and my old white durango worked excellent, just make sure the paint is cool to the touch.did both mine in the middle of the summer in the garage

If you can feel it then pain is required.