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My Avalanche Was Savagely Attacked


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
So I'm driving up I-5 in the HOV lane minding my own business when it happens. An object pops up off the road, it's large, it's arcing into my path. It's a RAKE! It's a damn metal rake! Hit the brakes, no good, thud! The impact at highway speed is so great the vehicle shudders. Worse the handle splinters apart but the rake head pops up and now appears that it will land on the hood. It catches the corner of the bug shield and goes down - I turn wildly to the right trying to avoid running it over.

Damage is fortunately very light. My billet bowtie is destroyed - it appears the rake head it square on it. There are some marks on the lower cladding where the handle blew apart - that's it.

Ugh - how was your day?
That sucks :cry: Did you save any pieces of the rake. Maybe you can do a DNA test on it and search out and destroy the rotten puke that left it there. Sorry to hear about your luck with the rake. It probably could have been alot worse. Enjoy the rest of Turkey Day.

sorry to hear you got attacked on your Birthday..

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Thanksgiving too.....
AvaLance said:
boy that sucks man, why is it always your AV that gets the damage >:D

It's an evil conspiracy by the Chief of the Nissan X-Terra site. :mad:

Or maybe just bad luck.

Sorry to hear about that Chief, hope the B-day gets better.

Here... Try this ->

Happy Birthday!

It wasn't dropped in your path by a white ford ranger was it? :eek:

Sorry to hear about your Av's latest injury.
Sorry to hear it - Glad you are OK could have been worse. Get it fixed and keep up the great work. ;) Happy Birthday!
:8:Sorry to hear about your misfortune.I didn't get off so lucky.Last Saturday I was out with some friends in their car.When I got home I found a Chevy cavalier under my Av.It destroyed the rear end and drivers side.Another pick-up ran the cavalier off the road into it.Luckily there were witnesses and got the plate of the truck(which took off).Guess I'll take this time to paint the cladding.
Sorry to hear about that Dude ... Hope you are having a good Birthday otherwise.

Don't eat too much of that PURPLE cake I made you ;D

Well at least NOW you have an excuse to try that TRENZ Bowtie many of us prefer over the TM :rolleyes:

Glad to hear you are OK, but sorry your rig was slightly bent.

We were coming back from Jordan, Montana a couple of days ago and I came as close to hitting a deer as one can come and not actually hit it.

We'd been deer hunting and had our full quota of big mule deer bucks in the back. It was a pitch-black night, we were between Missoula and Alberton and doing about 70 mph. All of a sudden, three deer jumped into the headlights and one doe stopped smack in the middle of my land.

The road was dry, so I dynamited the brakes and did a little right swerve. I must have come within an inch or two of the doe. A check of the side of my Av showed no sign of the event. (I also checked my driver's seat, just to see if there was a smear there, too).

The driver behind me was not so lucky. A second after I careened trrough the herd of deer, his lights were totally extinguished. Must have popped a deer center-grill.

Hell of a deal, when you are traveling back from deer hunting and the deer attack YOU.

oh...ouch...thats to Chief.

oh...sorry to hear that...thats for Chip.

and...glad no-one was hurt...thats for Timm.

But actually, thats for all of u.
sorry to hear that.

I can't talk about adventures in an Av, but this morning as my dad was driving me to school (in the Honda CR-V), we went pass an IGA store that was located on a corner. This stupid old Toyota Corolla (looked decades old) with half a paint job done and at least 5 major dents in it suddenly decided to turn into the IGA parking lot at the last moment. He was in the fast lane and we were in the right-hand turn one. He just swerved right into a slowly (get that - slowly) turned. My dad hit the brakes and my backpack was thrown foward (it didn't have a seatbelt on - thank goodness I did) - I was sitting at the back. You could hear the brakes grunting and screeching and and we were still gonna crash into him at at least 40-50 km/h. my dad then swerved into the IGA where another car was and then turned sharply to the right as that car swerved away. The original toyota just sat there in the middle of its turn blocking the whole lane (there was no car behind us). It was a miracle because not a single car got hit/damaged.

Then, my dad though, might as well go through the IGA parking lot to go to the other side and skip the red light, since we were going to turn anyway. When we went out that way, we saw the little Corolla coming towards us. It had pulled out of the lane and kept going foward to the stoplight instead of going into IGA. Then it turned in where WE were coming out. (He came this way just to see us). He then proceeded to give my dad the finger as he went in. :8: B@stards.
Sorry about that, you seem to be attracting odd encounters, not a good thing.

Have a Happy Birthday in spite of the event.
Carrumba, Chief. Our Av got egged badly a couple of weeks ago. It's a drag when bad things happen, but as you know from previous experience, the Av can always be repaired. ;)

Glad you're okay! :D
Happy birthday, Chief! Best wishes for many more!

Sorry to hear about your excitement, it's good that the damage wasn't worse. Gonna add the latest battle scars to your sig? >:D

Everybody else, sorry to hear about your experiences. That reminds me of this time....

Actually, I won't go into it, the net result was only a ding in the windshield molding, even though I thought it was going to go through the glass right in front of my face! :eek:

-- SS
Chief...you don't seem to have any sort of lake with these kinds of scenerios.....sorry to hear about your misfortune... :B:
Damn Chief, your luck has GOT to improve! Well at least now you can justify some new mods - new billet grill & bowtie...

Having a moment of silence for your damaged Av cousin to my black Av - Jamie
*groan* :D:

I had a similar experience flying down I-45 in Houston a few months back. There was no shoulder, only a concrete dividing wall, when 3 of those ventilators that sit on your roof appeared in the middle of the road. Those little round whirly jobbers on people's rooftoops. I ran over all 3. At 80mph it was that or hit the concrete wall or the guy next to me. :8:

Sorry Chief!
Hey Zimm...I missed it too...but now I know where my rake is. >:D

That blows Chief...but atleast it didn't go thru the windshield.

2 nights ago a dog just strolled into my path and i had to test out my "HOLY SH*T! STOP PLEASE STOP" AV brake job...Worked excellent!
It's no big problem. :cry: It's only....money. :C:
Oh well no rakes yet, but I have run two cars off the road, one intentionally (a merge where I refused to let a yuppie in a BMW 7 series run up the berm and cut in front of me) and one unintentionally (damn this thing is a lot bigger to change lanes than my old subaru!).

But so far I'm ahead of the game because my subaru was a magnet for every piece of road trash that could possible be kicked in front of me, including 2x4's, orange construction barrels, and even sheets of plywood. I think my AVY would handle all that junk far better than my beer-can-on-wheels did! :)
Bummer. I am glad to hear that it didn't decide to spear the grill or windshield and that everyone is ok.

See ya this weekend on the Portland, Oregon Cookie Run

Sorry to hear about the rake but it is kind of funny because ONLY you would be so lucky as to be attacked by a rake. The rest of us just get rocks :cautious: