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My Face Hurts...



First off, what an incredible resource and addiction this site is, cannot go a day without it. I have been lurking since May of 2002, and became an Avless member in July. Well, yesterday November 20, 2002 I too became an Av Owner.

The Av is the absolute best truck/suv I have ever driven. The sales manager at the dealership was trying to show me what they knew about the Av, when I interrupted him and started selling the vehicle to myself (real easy to do). I was listing to him all of the features and benefits that the Av's Posess. I even showed him how to "change for a buck" and he ended up buying me a sodaand asking me if I wanted a job (no, thanks).
This dealer was real easy to work with, and fortunately for me he was 215 miles away, which gave me time to BOND with my new Av.

The BONDING began right on the dealers lot. I took a small tool box and a few mods with me on my quest. I figured these MODS would definitely prepare my Av for the Jaunt home. I tackled the Lund Hood deflector first. Took me a total of 11 1/2 minutes (I've had the deflector for months and memorized the directions). The next MOD was the Amber DRL's, I had these for months and change them out rather quickly also.

Don't forget that I am doing all of these MODs and have not left the dealers lot. There were sales people walking around laughing at me. The final (on the lot) MOD was the Locking Trailer Hitch Cover (polished aluminum with the outline of the bowtie).

Finally I took my ORANGE COVERALLS off and jumped into the Av and came home. The whole trip SMILING and still SMILING....I think we Av owners should try to put together a GROUP BUY with Brtie Smile the teeth whitening company... whatcha think?

Congrats on the new Av. Great story! I can imaging the look on their faces :eek: with you moding the Av right there on the lot!

Another Av-addict bites the dust - the grins don't stop, the mod's begin! Modding in the dealers lot - fantastic! If I know what I do now, I'd have swapped the Denali cluster in the lot, and not worried about the 5 miles on the truck when I picked it up.

Enjoy the new Av!
Congrats! I have noticed that I am generally in a better mood ever since we brought our AV home too. Traffic jams just don't seem to bother me anymore either.
Congrats on the new AV...........I am STILL waiting. They have told me anyday for almost a week now. They must have shipped it by way of Alaska.
That is all too funny! Those sales guys must have thought you flipped your lid.
If you did those in the dealers lot.....I can't imagine what is next.
Great story! I have to agree, the Av is the best, and most versatile truck that I have owned.
LOL!!!!! (y) (y)



Congrats!!! (y) That's right, show them what you know and what you can do, right on their lot!! Go back in a few months just for fun, and knock their socks off with your monster Av! >:D
Congrats on your new Av!!!

I understand the smile!! I'm still smiling about mine too!

Absolutely the very best vehicle I've ever owned.

When I realized that I was actually going to have the truck I had dreamed about since I had seen it as a concept in the mid 90's - It was ear to ear ;D for days!

You should have seen me when I finally got it >:D
I know how you feel...
I had to wait about a month for my AV.

Every day since then...

I have been SO happy to have it!

Seven :cool:
The subject of this thread says it all....I just can't get enough....even my friends think I'm losing my mind....my wife thinks I'm nuts for being on this site as long as I am...whatever the case may be....I'm happy and a grinnin'.... ;D :B: