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My First Cladding Problem.


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Jan 23, 2002
New Jersey
I had my first cladding mishap the other night. I have a 2002 Indigo Blue Z71. I love the truck. I put the molded splash guards on the truck and I think they are very functional as well as look good. They fit great, and keep a lot of road grime off the truck. The only problem is that they screw into the cladding on the inside of the wheelwells, and don't bite into any sheetmetal. They seem pretty sturdythough, and that may have been a key factor in what happened. I was behind a truck at a distance after a snow storm. The truck either dropped something, or ran something over. The object flew right under the Avalanche. It was the kind of thing that you see happening and you just know its not going to be good but are powerless to change it. The right front wheel kicked whatever it was up into the splashguard with a loud bang. I pulled into a parking lot and walked slowly to that side of the truck. The guard was still on the cladding, but the cladding was hanging. I crawled under the truck to see how bad it really was. The cladding looks like it is held on by a combination of bolts with washers, and door trim like push pins. I was able to secure the cladding back, where it belonged and it seems fine. Whatever was thrown into the truck was plowed away before I could see it. There seems to be no real damage. Got lucky. :mad:
:mad: Well I heard a pop last night on the highway. I got home looked at the truck and noticed the cladding pulling away from the right front wheel well. When I really looked at it it looked like a patch job was done between the lock in and the sockets. Anyone have any ideas? I am a rubber chemist and have seen polymer failures and have seen plastic crat and pull tits off but I have never seen it look like there was some sort of glue on it there is no actual piece in the socket with a pulled chunk off the cladding. I am going to take it into the dealers and tell them to fix it but first I will take a picture of it. Any help would be appreiciated ???
I think TIMFARN has had a panel replaced and knows how they are attached etc.

From what I remember him saying they use double sided tape and the cladding has little plastic spikes that fit into hole where there are press on clips to hold them on. These clips are not reusable.

Look for a thread by TIMFARN on this. He either posted it here or on Edmunds.
It looks like the spikes broke, and they used something to attempt to repair it? I am stopping by the dealersip today. With it being all one piece and now missing the spikes then using a double sided tape does not seem to be an option that would last unless I had a clamping system to get it to bond better. Thanks Steph
Yeah you will have to get a new piece and new clips as they are not reusable from what I remember.
The clips now come on replacement panels. They may be purchased separately if removing and replacing the same panel - or reattaching. Clip part number is 10443956 - body shop had cost of $3 each (inflated).
Does Cladding come off only when it gets hit by something. Hopefully, it's not falling off due to weather. I hate to admit it, but I buried my Avalanche up to the hood during a snow storm. Luckily, it didn't mess nothing up, but the tow truck got stuck and it was a back road. I sat there 6 hours. Finally they got me out at day break. ??? :cool:
A hit by a deer didn't detach my cladding - just scuffed it. I have noticed some movement on the double sided tape at the top of the door panels - dealer trip.
???just noticed cladding on drivers side rear door starting to pull away on front corner. Just enough so u can see the tape. the first few times i pushed it back and it stayed. now it does not stay. I will let it go a little while, but am going to bring it by dealer ship and show them so they can make note of it.
zeeya2000 said:
???just noticed cladding on drivers side rear door starting to pull away on front corner. Just enough ?so u can see the tape. the first few times i pushed it back and it stayed. now it does not stay. I will let it go a little while, but am going to bring it by dealer ship and show them so they can make note of it.

This is what I was talking about. So the best thing to do is let dealer fix it, right? I wil try to post a pic also.
Mine is separating at the front of left rear door also. I just had it in for an oil change and to have fog-driving lights relaced. (Both)
The rear door drivers side pulled away on my AV and when my son opened the door while he was cleaning it, it hit the front door edge and creased the corner. I had the dealer replace it under warrenty. They did state that they have seen it before. The real problem is that when they removed the panel they put 2 nice little dimples in my door. I have not had it back to the dealer to fix the real problem, the annoying rattle under the center console.

BTW, we have acreage and haul tons of stuff related to farm use. The AV was never ment to handle continous use. I think the 1500HD crew would have been a better choice......

I just had the AV in for the E-break problem and noticed rear door drivers side cladding coming off. The body shop here in small town USA (Altus, OK) has already replaced five cladding units, same door. That?s counts for about 35 percent of all the AV?s sold here. Sad isn?t it? :cry: I'll be number 6...

I?m also having them fix the fog light units. :mad:They are ?fogging? up (no pun intended) when I wash it or it rains.
:eek: today the wife finally popped off the small piece of cladding behind passenger door. anyway can anyone tell me where i can get new clips and how much they cost?.also i like the fact that the clips broke because damage was minimal.
I just bought my 2002 AV 3 days ago. Some of this stuff has me a tad bit worried!! Have noticed a few problems that I should have at the time of purchase, but this is the first time I had been excited about buying a vehicle in a long time, and was blinded by that. The cladding at the front left wheel well is pulling away, as is the black plastic in that same wheel well. There are some spots in the finish of the lids over the bed with oxidation around them, and the rear window seal is pulling away from the metal. The AV rides GREAT, but water and cladding leave me worried. I live in central Virginia and purchased the thing in central Maryland. Called the dealer today and was very pleased with the response. They said bring it in next time I am up there (2 or 3 weeks) and they would take care of it no problems at all. (We will see if this actually happens)
I don't believe that cladding is specifically mentioned in the warranty, but anybody have expierences with extended warranties and the AV yet?
Just wanted to let you know I was at the dealer. I too am seeing the cladding pull away from the drivers side rear door. I brought it into the dealers bodyshop and they explained to me that they have seen a number of these and are working on a different process to attach the cladding. The bodyshop manager dicovered that the two sided tape that is used is very narrow and probably does not have the holding power. He next week is going to take mine and attach with a wider version of the same tape to see if this will help. I will keep you posted on this.