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My First ORIGINAL Mod. Guaranteed Original.


SM 2003
Full Member
Jan 2, 2003
Buellton, CA
Check it out. What do you think.


Looks realy nice. Also looks quite similar to the face of the A/C control billet knobs for the 2002 that were sold here a while back. I have a set still and they don't fit the 2003......for sale to good home.

I am going to be making a few sets of A/C and Headlight knobs for the 02's. That is the proof for the font and size. I decided to drill three holes in it and make it a pen holder. It is just a block of billet, not even pollished yet. Nice and heavy.

I thought about making 5 or 10 and seeing if I could sell them. I gotta figure my cost first. If I can make them cheap enough to sell for $25 or less, I probably will run a small batch. Would anyone pay $20 to $25 plus shipping, or is that to expensive?