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My First Sale!



I officially created my first convert today. My buddy who was test driving the 2500 (for the past week!) did the deed. Puter 2500 4.10 loc diff graphite sport leather conv pkge. He's in love. Nice ride. We did test tow my boat with it last Saturday and that sucker does tow.

Unrelated side note: Did a 150mi round trip in the wife's (mine before AV#1) Z-71 Tahoe today. I had already forgotten how much better the AV rides. The Tahoe is a great truck and serves her very well. It's also a lot easier in the mall parking lot, but I was really surprised at how much I noticed the difference in ride. The AV has really spoiled me and I plan on staying that way.


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Feb 4, 2002
Buffalo NY
The power, the towing and every thing else. welcome to the 2500 the best towing machine.