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My GM Link

BTW, they have the owners manual in PDF - you can download and save running out in the cold to check something out. ;D
Has any one Had trouble trying to get the site to take their VIN? I've called GMlink, Onstar, and GM. They said my vehicle my still be too new (January 4th). I was able to enter my Onstar information fine at the onstar site.
shafman1 said:
Has any one Had trouble trying to get the site to take their VIN? ?I've called GMlink, ?Onstar, and GM. ?They said my vehicle my still be too new (January 4th). ?I was able to enter my Onstar information fine at the onstar site.

Yup. It doesn't recognize my VIN. I checked the address, like they suggest, and that's fine. Anyone have any other ideas on what might be wrong? I got mine in September, so I don't think its too new.
Mine went in no problem I got mine in sept too.
Mine didn't go either. Sent them an email. They responded saying that I had to call them. Haven't gotten around to it yet.
I called them an after an hour or so...... They said they would have me up an running in 24 hours. Well, that was last week. I called them back and they said maybe in a month it will take the VIN. Who knows........?
Tried the process that way too. Same old error:

We're sorry, ,but we were not able to balidate the following:*****************
Doesn't seem to work if you live in Canada :(

Hmmm, it lists New Brunswick as one of the States. God, if you want to take over our country, there are better provinces to start with :))
I also purchased mine in November, and I too had problems with the VIN number.....I kinda gave up after the first 7 or 8 tries.. ;D
I bought mine January 4th of this year so I haven't had it too long, but the Onstar site works fine (not much there) and they sent my payment book out without a problem. I don't know if they'll ever have the site up and running right. Between this site and a couple other one's, I don't even need GM link. It was a good idea. I wait and see. What choice do I have anyway? :rolleyes:
Hey all!

Called the owner's center and they asked that I fax over a copy of my registration. They are having problems with the VIN database. The guy went on to explain why, but I will not bore you here. Also, it does not matter what part of North America you are from, it is continent-wide.

They will add mine manually.

The fax number I got was 1-503-844-5121. ...or you can call their owner's center at 1-866 MY-GM-LINK (I know, one too many numbers), and after a message, select option 4 to autofax.

Hope this helps.

BTW - funny story. I took my Av in to hav eth bush guard installed, and the VIN came up with a 2002 Tahoe!! ;D
I had to call GM Link, they had me Fax my VIN and some sort of proof that I was the owner. ie. and Ins card title or registration.

Now it works fine! ;D

Good Luck! :B:
For those having probs, it may be in your USERNAME... I had a <space> in my user name and I kept getting kicked-back. Once I took the space out - fine!

As an aside, there's another bug. I bought my Av in Nov; however, GM Link marks me "past due" on service all the time because it's somehow showing my in-service date as Aug-02!. Asked them to fix...not a good answer.

It just did the same thing for me (will not take VIN)... looks like no one at GM fixed this problem since Feb 2004. :8: :7: :7: