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My GM Portal - Why Bother?


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Nov 6, 2002
Atlanta, GA
Anybody have similar experiences w/the "MyGMLink" portal?

1. The portal sent me notice stating that - at 7,500 mi - I need automatic transaxle fluid/filter changed. Seems early, to me. My dealer agrees - not required until 30k mi.

2. Portal sent me notice stating I need a drive axle service at 7,500 mi. Again, seems early to me and my dealer disagrees - not required until 30k mi.

3. For some reason, their database assumes I put my Av in-service 2-4 mos before I bought it... I've checked the in-service date & have even written to the Portal to get the date fixed. Response: GM realizes there's a problem and users will be able to fix their in-service dates when they upgrade the portal...at a future date Until then, I get service notifications way too early and I don't want these records getting reported to GM with a notation that I was (falsely) "delinquent" on my service...

I really don't see any point in continuing w/the ?My GM? portal:
1. Their data is faulty
2. Their reminders are faulty
3. I?m potentially getting reported in GM?s database as having service performed ?delinquently?

Anybody else have similar experience? Why bother?

I do not use it and turned the email thingy off..............
I never could get it to work...
I have experienced delinquency problems with MyGMLink also. I've tried to fix it with no luck and have come to the realization that it's not worth it. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one having problems.
I personally wouldn't worry about what GM's computers say. The system says that I was over due for my 6 month inspection. 3 MONTHS BEFORE MY VEHICLE WAS EVEN BUILT. Just keep good maintenance records... I don't even think that a human even goes over those things. It's just there to make owners feel good. Hey, it's better than MyFord.com. I can't even get into that one.
Glad to hear others have had the same problem. I've "delisted" from MyGMLink.

Just surprising GM wouldn't understand that:

1. This "help" actually detracts from the ownership/service experience.

2. Their service actually doesn't support meticulous record-keeping - I'll keep "full books" on my own.

its ok Frank the gm thingy was meant for GEO owners ;D
What a waste. This site (mygmlink) is complete garbage :8: :8: :8:

I tried to register. 2004 model is not listed as a supported vehicle (I clicked the link "check participating vehicles"). No customer service link whatsoever that I could find. There is a link to report that you own a different vehicle ("tell us what you own"). This link does not even allow an avalanche to be selected! It only support old camaros, blazers, etc. :E:

THey are slow to update it for new vehicles....and heck I can do what they do in a spreadsheet on my computer without big brother knowing....hehehe
I use the site for documenting my maintenance and find it useful for the reminders, but still do whatever I think I should. As for the email reminders, just turn that crap off, it doesn't work correctly. I just go to the site every so often to see what they are suggesting that I do. I used to document my maintenance on a spreadsheet like ygmn but have found that this part of the site is useful. Only I truely know if I have really done what I said the I did there.
I couldn't get it work - I was manually configuring everything and I gave up...
Yes, mine was history as of last week. Portal to what? I asked. I am going by the schedule suggested in the book, my odometer, and the DIC. To hell with their link!

Sounds like money input for the service departments for sure!

Told me that my VIN is not corect, sent email and their reply was something along of the line that it takes time to update system. June Build with a Sept delivery?????

Wow - I was suprised to see this thread still generating comments!

The net is: Why don't car companies don't get it? The web could be a great way to get folks more involved:

1. "MyGM" isn't a bad idea; it's execution is absolutely horrible. They'd be better off if they killed "MyGM", rather than leave it as an inaccurate service. It detracts from the ownership experience.

2. Why not arrange for svc appointments via Internet self-service (could charge a deposit to a credit card, if they're afraid of bogus appts)?

3. For high-end cars, folks could track build/delivery dates, production stages, etc. It'd keep folks from bugging their salesmen after the sale... (I know this would have been good a good feature for my sports car).


My delalership has appointments online.....but is through their site not GM's....

Kinda cool