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Naked, Matching Color Or Classic Grey?

Which would you buy in 2004?

  • WBH

    Votes: 69 98.6%
  • Matching color cladding

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Grey cladding

    Votes: 1 1.4%

  • Total voters


If Chevy offers matching color cladding in 2004 and you were buying a new Av, given the three choices which would you buy? Since we are talking about $35-40K trucks, lets assume money neutral. Marc
Gray, so long as it is the '03 darker gray.
If it were money neutral, I would like naked, but with a dark grey rear bumper with the steps on the corners.
Matching color definitely! I want my cladding painted on my AV now!!

I like the '02 gray, not a real fan of the darker '03 gray...

Naked...only way I'd buy cladded is if they fixed those flattop wheel openings. And then it be colored.:rolleyes:
Given all the talk about dealers selling WBH like hotcakes, I am surprised by the low % of votes so far. Hopefully Chevy has done their own surveys and will offer up the matching cladding. Marc
For me, it must have the cladding. It adds "style" to this wondertruck. I have mixed feelings on grey vs. matching color, but lean toward grey -- gives you that two tone appearance; more "style"! ;D
I think that color matched cladding is a much better choice than painted cladding (ie. scratches won't show), but I don't like the idea of yellow or sunset orange cladding so I think I prefer the '03 Grey Cladding. I do admit that there are some colors that look better with the '02 Cladding or nothing though.

Main One said:
If it were money neutral, I would like naked, but with a dark grey rear bumper with the steps on the corners.

I agree! Lose the chrome bumpers and all would be perfect :love:

I don't know which would be better though - dark grey bumpers or color matched bumpers.
i think both grey's and the naked AV look good. sometimes i wish i could have gotten the dark grey cladding. only thing is they did away with the indigo blue. the grey on grey would be my first '03 choice.
I have the pewter 02, I like the light gray cladding. For 03, I would go with the dark gray paint to match the dark gray cladding. Guess I'm saying naked!

However, the one thing I still really want is the over the wheel cladding, matching the character line on the fender/rear quarter. Guess nobody is going to offer this!

Well it is 2004 does this prediction poll hold true?
I'd like the color matched...I wanted a WBH, but my wife loved the cladding, but she didn't like the cladding on all colors...Hence the dark grey metallic with the darker 03 cladding...Almost matches...
As you know, you can only get the 2500 with the cladding so I didn't get to pick for myself, GM did that for me.

I think they should offer the WBH in the 2500 also :0:

I still like the dark on my 03 better than the light that my 02 had (y)