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Need help for '07 lighting mods


SM 2004
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Jul 14, 2004
Fernandina Bch, FL
I will attmpt to create some additional lighting mods for the '07s. Since I don't have one, I could use a little help with some part numbers. What I need is the p/ns for front door reflectors (think they're in the LTZs only) and mirror puddle light housings. You would have to pop them out & look for p/ns on the bottom or back. I will also work on trying to do footwell lights for an '07. I hope to have these figured out by STI if possible. With the door reflectors, I am hoping I can figure out how to convert the reflectors to lighted modules that will light when the doors are opened. For the puddle lights, we did a couple at MCM & learned a few things in the process. I want to buy a housing so I can tinker with it & maybe make some improvements to that mod. Thanks in advance for any help. Of couse, if I make any headway with these, I'll post steps with pics. ?:D

Sorry RB... forgot to get back to you on the puddle lamp housing... I need to pick one up from the dealership... apparently I didn't reattach one of the lenses secure enough  :E:
I'll get back to you as soon as I can!  BTW, have the leds in the puddle lights and interiors... love em!  Thanks for all the info!
My 07 Z71 has the reflectors in the doors.  I popped of the reflector and the only marking on it was a mold cavity number.  No part numbers.  It does look like they may have thought about putting lights in there, with the way the door panel is made.

The footwell lights are what I miss the most.  My 04 didn't have them but it did have the mounting brackets for the lights. I bought some side marker sockets that fit perfectly and wired them to the wire that goes to the dome light at the firewall wiring block.  It worked out great.  But the 07 will be a little more difficult since they no longer have the mounts like the older ones.  I wonder, does the 07 EXT have footwell lights?
? ? ?Yes Let's talk about this for a second on the 2007 Avalanche it will fit 5 of the festoon type bulbs in the interior. Those are the bulbs that look like a fuse. 3 in the front and 2 in the rear. There are no lights at all in the doors. Just a lame reflector a red oval shaped reflector. The puddle lights very fascinating heed the following advice *** WARNING*** DO NOT PRY ON THE CLEAR SHAPED LENS TO REMOVE IT*** END WARNING*** The puddle light on the 07 like the 02 through 06's is comprised of 2 pieces the bottom clear lens piece and the upper bulb holder piece. The biggest difference between the two is that if you try to pry on the clear lens on the 07 puddle light you will break a glue joint intended to seal the lens! So the proper way to change the bulb on the 2007 puddle light is to actually pry behind he the lens at the white housing and extract it that way. Then twist unlock the bulb housing at the back. Then change the bulb. The part that sucks is that the housing is white. so it will reflect light but not nearly as well as a reflective surface. The LED's are a directional light source. However that bulb will no longer fit the festoon type bulbs you need to use the Spade type or "wedge base" bulbs. So if you get them installed the LED's will be brightest at the end of the light making it not very efficient. So this reduces your options to using those stock white bulbs or any kind of tinted incandescent bulb. Though our research revealed those tinted incandescent bulbs suck. OR You can try to install a reflective surface onto the inside of the housing to boost the reflectivity on the LED bulbs into the housing. So you will need to crack the seal on the lens line the inside with foil tape, or paint the inside with reflective paint. Then re-seal the lens and install the wedge base LED. You can't sun an 02-06 puddle light as the housing shape does not match it is smaller. Though I suppose you could cut the plastic into a new shape and make it work anyway. Might be a fun challenge! Anyone got an 07 they mind me drilling on???
? ? ?Anyway that's the deal. Regarding the puddle lights Well... Where there's a will there's a way. I might be stopping at the Chevy dealership later this week. My coolant leak demon is back so I'll peek at an 07 if I get a chance.
I took what you guys did at MCM and tried it myself... got the wedge leds with the 5 way light, added some reflective tape in the housing, and it looks pretty good.  I did, however, neglect to glue the reflector part back in, because it snapped in ok, but has since fallen out.  So my passenger side puddle light is missing the clear lens  :E:  It is actually brighter than the drivers side that has the lens, so I am considering cutting out some plain ol plexi and glueing it into place.  You know you can drill on mine when you get a chance JB  >:D
I pulled out the passenger side puddle light. The part # for the whole assembly is M196219  - that's stamped in black ink.  Also on the top, stamped in white plastic is # 752378 RH.  Hope this helps. If you come out with an easy LED solution or LED part numbers, please let me know.