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Need Help With Warranty


Full Member
Jul 18, 2002
I already tried a search with 300 days and 250 titles, I need help finding a document I once saw regarding dealers and warranties after modding and how the mods should not void your warranty if they are not related.
Thanks Heavy D
For example I put 20 inch wheels on AND I had a drop kit installed. I don't believe they could say boo about the wheels as the overall size is the same, but they could have a lot to say about the drop kit :(
Hey Edward, how do you think this law will fit in with performance products, I mean Gm can turn around and say "this engine is designed to do 285hp, with that intake and exhaust your doing 305 hp" just a thought.
assuming you have an engine performance issue with the dealer.
can you take your av to any gm dealer for warranty service or do you have to take back where you bought it
yes, any dealer. Good thing, b/c I bought mine 100+ miles away ;D