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Need Help

if it is a desil which i suspect it is it will sound loud when it is first started. It should quiet down after a min or two of running...
If you think the Duramax is loud, a Cummins diesel would have scared you back all the way in the house!
She is something else. My wife works with her, She had called my wife really afraid she had mess up her husbands truck. She is the one that told us about the club, she really talks good about the club to everyone at Delphi.
Yeah you should notice the sound. I thought you drive a Hummer H1. I think the Hummer have a diesel engine. So you should notice it.

By the way, any pics of the H1?
The Internationals that F**d was (still is?) putting in their trucks are WAY loud, too.

Don't be alarmed at the man-truck! (no offense intended :) )