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Need On Board Air? I Chose a Tank instead of a Compressor


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Nov 13, 2003
Pleasant Hill, Ca
There appear to be many options for On Board Air systems

Probably as many options as there are reasons to use/have them

We wanted On Board air for a few reasons important to our needs...

1) Airing up tires with a reliably metered source (not the gas station stuff)
2) Airing up air matteress when camping
3) Using air tools from a reliably metered source
4) Airing up and down tires when offroading
5) Getting the water out of the nooks and crannys around the Av when detailing
6) Around the home intermittent use for various chores

We looked at On Board Compressors and there are quite a few...IMHO...to be really effective they need a storage tank also

Here are a few of the compressors we looked at through a review we read on


ARB makes the one in the picture below...


  • arb.1.jpg
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This one is called the Big Red...


  • big red.1.jpg
    big red.1.jpg
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The Cheetah Fast Hippo...


  • cheetah fast hippo.1.jpg
    cheetah fast hippo.1.jpg
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This one by Currie is built to "Mil Spec" and looks really nice


  • currie.1.jpg
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This is an Exteme Air


  • extreme air.1.jpg
    extreme air.1.jpg
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The Quick Air 1


  • quick air 1.jpg
    quick air 1.jpg
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Quick Air 2


  • quick air 2.jpg
    quick air 2.jpg
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Quick Air 3


  • quick air 3..jpg
    quick air 3..jpg
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But what I came across is a little different...and fits our needs perfectly...

It's not for everybody...but it does a lot...


  • compressed air 001.jpg
    compressed air 001.jpg
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The PowerTank uses CO2

This is a 10 Pound bottle and has an upgraded 400PSI metered regulator that is Nitrogen compatible and will run air tools NO PROBLEMO !!!


  • compressed air 002.jpg
    compressed air 002.jpg
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Found them during my Internet search for options...

Turns out they are kinda local to me...

Located about 40 miles away in Lodi, Cal


says they are in Elk Grove...but they recently moved to their new home so they could have a "retail store front"...



  • compressed air 003.jpg
    compressed air 003.jpg
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They happened to have this "prototype" mount back in the shop...and well...I just had to have it...

CO2 in a tank is in Liquid state...you can store it horizontal or upside down for that matter but the tank has to be at the minimum a 30 degree angle for use...45 degree angle is recommended...upright is even better...

This mount lays the bottle at just over 30 degrees...but also pivots upright when unlatched...


  • compressed air 005.jpg
    compressed air 005.jpg
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The hose is a really sweet piece...coiled and braided...


  • compressed air 006.jpg
    compressed air 006.jpg
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This is the upgraded regulator which is Nitrogen compatible

The Air Hose comes with a Timco fitting which has 2 sleeves...one depressurizes the line and the other then upcouples the "tool"...


  • compressed air 007.jpg
    compressed air 007.jpg
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I had them mount the Regulator "upside down" and install a 45 degree angle fitting for easier hose to tank coupling and to allow the tank to slide under the bed covers for storage...

The grab handle and regulator when fitted normally were too tall for the bed covers but as you can see it fits in nicely now...


  • compressed air 008.jpg
    compressed air 008.jpg
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I don't loose any storage because the mount and tank come out in one unit leaving only the base plate...so I can still carry plywood sheets no problem


  • compressed air 010.jpg
    compressed air 010.jpg
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  • compressed air 009.jpg
    compressed air 009.jpg
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  • compressed air 013.jpg
    compressed air 013.jpg
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We are pretty happy with the results


  • compressed air 014.jpg
    compressed air 014.jpg
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Oh and back to compressors...this one by Smittybuilt gets my BLING award...

But I liked the Mil Spec Currie the best...


  • smittybuilt.1.jpg
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very nice system Cliff, I could have used that yesterday

:eek:  UH OH !!!  :eek:

Not the new shoes...  (?)
That does look nice, I think I have seen it on TV somewhere..........who fills the tank?
I CHNGE said:
:eek:  UH OH !!!  :eek:

Not the new shoes...  (?)
nope, not me
mom called and said she had a low tire, so I filled up my 5 gallon air tank and went over...  turned out all four were very low, so i had to come back home to refill and grab the 11 gallon also  :laugh:

on a side note, I saw the powertank truck up at Mc Donalds by my house last week  :cool:
Z66 BUTCH said:
That does look nice, I think I have seen it on TV somewhere..........who fills the tank?

I was talking to them for quite awhile...they are too new/small for T.V. so far...

Any Fire Ext. company can do it...

We have one a couple miles from home...and the cost is negligible...most places charge by the on site service call, not the volume

Fills are about $12.00

The capacities of the different tank sizes and your anticipated usage will determine how often/how much