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Need PICS Of Silver/Pewter WBH With Door Moldings.




First post here. My dad just bought a new Silver Avalanche WBH. First mod has got to be door moldings. I saw a picture of the Chrome GMC Crew Cab molding on a black Avalanche. Besides chrome are their any other molding color choices? Please show me your silver WBH pictures with your aftermarket door moldings. Include Part Numbers or Source. Thanks a bunch!

Well, welcome to the CLUB!!! I use to own a Pewter AV, but no side moldings. :rolleyes: Wish I could help, but I can't. Im sure there is someone here who can help you out though.

Once again, WELCOME!!!!!

saubouin said:

?Please show me your silver WBH pictures with your aftermarket door moldings. ?Include Part Numbers or Source. ?Thanks a bunch!


Here's a pic of the chrome door modling on the Pewter, camera is not that great but, gives an idea.
Part numbers are;15744371:15200596:

Hoss, Check the threads for Gm part direct.com and dal slabaugh <lockitup@bright.net> Dal can probably do a better deal.

There are a few threads from the folks here of various moldings. The Yukon wide molding is popular as well. The chrome is the cheaper of the two though.

Good luck and welcome ! !


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Thanks for the warm welcome!


Thanks for the great pictures. Now I know exactly what the AV will look like.

SnowTrojan said:
See my sig line... not really aftermarket, but I like 'em (y)
I've been meeting one just like yours most every day lately in the neighborhood. More I see it the better I like it. (y)