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Need Tires - Help me choose.. LT28570R17

Which one would you choose?

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Oct 22, 2003
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Everyone has an opinion but some of you folks been-there & done that and may own..

I'm getting quite tired of the OEM cheepie version of the Goodyear Wranglers getting rock flats and see that Goodyear has better ones which rate quite high. (Click the link above the pic for the web site/more info.)

Some don't have much of an aggressive tread, IMO. Others are for mudders which I'm not really wanting something that extreme.

I keep coming back to the BFG T/A KO's, however they show only one of the two (load range?) types and they don't come up as high of ranking as I would have expected.

As you see, my (not lifted) Av is a Z71, so the T/A KO's load range is a bit overkill for my truck. 8-Ply rated interests me with rock-puncture resistance, one of my main concerns - will I get a harsh, noisy ride?

I need at least moderate snow traction.

So, I suppose there's a lot more detail of my needs I didn't cover, so I look to owners of these tires with some experience, comments and a vote.

Thanx! :)

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IMHO BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO! quite, very good in snow only problem they will dig in and bury you if you spin them. Can you go to a 18 inch rim
Just picked up some BFGs,,, they ride good....

only paid $400 for the set... had 400 miles on them....  the guy even through in the brand new chrome rims....
I don't see the Nitto Terra Grapplers as an option.  I had a good experience with them and they weren't too expensive from DiscountTiresDirect.com
I was mixed between the BFG's and the Brigestones.. Seems folks had good experiences with both.

I don't know why the Nitto's weren't there either. Do they make a 285-70R17?

I would like to keep the stock rims and don't wish to lift it more than 2". (Garage clearance).

The speedo offset from the size places the error I have now to very close, with the 285's.

fsuguy: that was certainly a steal.. The BFG's I was looking at were just under $900 w/o a road hazard warr. I hope Costco has them; they include RH warranties in their price.

Big-O does only on their brand and wants a bit more for the BFG set than other retailers. Much extra for the RH warranty on the BFG's ($75).
Which one has the longest tread Life BF KO's. Do you have Sam Clubs out there
Avalanche0_2 said:
I'd go with the Bridgstone duelers or for a better ride go with some toyo open country At's

`Couldn't find a 17" rim fit with Toyo. 265 or 285.
Which one has the longest tread Life BF KO's.

I don't understand your question or statement..

Sams is 93 miles away. Both directions. (Flagstaff or Bullhead City) and I don't have the membership.

Costco is about the same distance also (Prescott), which I am a member.

Why am I adding so many miles on the Av lately? :rolleyes:

Sam's Club sells tires and is the cheapest I found. The BF Goodrich has a 60 k tread life for the LT tire and 80 K for the load range d & e.   
I'll need to figure which load range would suit me better. The 8-ply rated are higher, of course but is the ride harder?

Then there's translating the 118/121 or the like to the lettered load ranges. :2: I never looked into that either.
sperry said:
fsuguy: that was certainly a steal.. The BFG's I was looking at were just under $900 w/o a road hazard warr. I hope Costco has them; they include RH warranties in their price.

I would go with the BFG tires.  I just had mine installed about a month ago and I love them.  I did have to trim a little piece of plastic from the rear wheelwell yesterday.  They did'nt rub all the time only when I was driving up a ramp.
BFGs!!!  I've put about 40K on mine and they still look like new.  They're pretty quiet, about the same as stock (a lot quieter than the Toyo Open Country ATs that I had).

Never had a problem in the snow or sand.  I did have a little "incident" when I hit some black ice, put the tires performed beautifully getting me out of the muddy field I ended up in.

I was the first to put them on, then my wife followed suit with her Tahoe, then her dad bought a set for his Av as well.  I know one person that put over 90K on his, and a lot of it was through construction sites, and let's just say that he wasn't easy on the rear ones when accelerating either.
GoodYear mentions the rock-drilling resistance in their high-end Wranglers

That's the problem I've been having with the factory OEM cheapo Wranglers. `Still lost a bit of trust in them for that. :(


Thanks for the replies and votes folks!
`Bought the BFG's and yes, they are so-far, So good!

Thanks again folks! :)

BTW, anyone have a 02~06 (?) Z71 17" wheel? I want to use the one "good" wrangler I have left for a 17" spare and need one. Thanx.
Argh! :E:

My MPG went to cr@p with these! 19.5 to 15.6! I was expecting to see some change like maybe .5 MPG but something is not right and I believe the factory pressure recommendation doesn't add up.

Another weird & unexpected behavior is I almost spun out and lost control on a dirt road I often travel! Everything is the same but the tire replacement. Looking at these tires, I certainly wouldn't have expected this!

All else is just fine as expected from the comments.

So, what pressure does a 2500 use since they come with LT tires?

The Wranglers on the Z-71 1500's are Passenger tires and are considerably lower pressure than the LT's. That much for 200# weight diff per tire?

That tells me that when one replaces a Passenger type tire with an LT on a 1500, the tire pressure should match that or only slightly less than that of the factory specs for a version of the truck which comes with LT tires!

So, comments - experience please!

I took a trip on Monday with the tires aired-up from 31.6 (LF) and 33 PSI(others) to all @ 50PSI.

The mileage average increased to 16.1 from the 15.6. Wow. :(

Oh well.