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New Av In The Neighborhood


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Mar 7, 2002
McKinney, TX
OK, I'm tinkering in the driveway this afternoon, swapping the video player from my wife's Trooper to the Av, when a couple pulled in the drive and introduced themselves. They, too, bought an Av about six weeks ago, and live around the corner from me. Chief, if the thought of two within 15 miles of each other gets your attention, think of two within 200 yards!

He had been looking for a model of his truck, found a set of 1/24 scale die-cast trucks on eBay. They would only sell the set of four, and he only wanted the red one to match his, so he was driving about looking for homes for the other three. That was a pretty easy sale. The blue one stayed with me, I think the white and black ones were headed for the Chevy dealer.

Gave him a brouchure, expect him to read this note tonight.

Welcome to the neighborhood!