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New AV Soon!!!



After discussing with the wife for about 30 seconds, we decided I need an AV. I need about a month to get the rest of the down payment together so I have little time to shop. I used gmbuypower to get a quote from a local dealer. Indigo Blue Z71 with bucket seats and roof rack for $28,454.00. I was wondering, in another month will price go down due to 03's coming in? What do you guys think? Also, what do guys recommend I look for when checking out and test driving the beast?

Any help would be appreciated!!

Congrats on making your decision...and realizing you need an AV....You will probably be able to get a real good deal on a 02' being the 03' are right around the corner.....and take advantage of the deals as well....

I would make sure upon inspecting the Av.....that it has no obvious leaks or midgate issues...check all the seals and bed panels....look for any evidence of wet carpet in the rear seats...run you hands up and down along that area.....

If your going to go with a Z71......make the switch to 4x4, auto, etc...make sure everything works nicely and that you don't hear any kind of funny noises or squeaks...

Welcome aboard.. :B:

You should be able to get a better deal on any left-over Avalanche after the '03's are introduced because the dealers get some extra incentives to help them move the old stock, however you will only be able to get what is left, since no more 02's are being built. ?The trucks with popular options are going to start dissappearing, so you may hold out for a better deal only to find that there are no trucks available equipped the way you want. ?It's a crap shoot. ?How long can you wait and still have any selection? ?Also keep in mind that a dealer that has had a vehicle on the lot for a while has paid a great deal of interest on the "floorplan" for that vehicle and may be looking to get back some of that money. ?Bottom line: Don't wait too long, you may lose out altogether and have to get an '03 (which might not be a terrible thing either). ?"You pays your money, and you takes your choice" Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Yahoo!!!!! I got my AV last Friday!!! :B: Indigo Blue Z71 with Bucket seats and the convenience package!! All for only 27K!!! Man, this thing is even better than I thought it was going to be. I brought it down to show my mother and father and now they want one!!

All I can say is INCREDIBLE!!! ;D
Wow! I remember that first weekend with my AV ;)

Welcome into your Journey into Ownership ... the pilot has turned off the no seatbelt sign ... You are now free to MOD, MOD, MOD ;D
Congrats...in now becoming part of this ever so growing family of Av owners... :B:

My first weekend I had my AV I put over 500 miles on it in the first 2 days.

Damn I love this truck.

Welcome to the neighborhood! There's a lot to like about the Av, and you've come to the right place to talk about it! Enjoy!
You'll love both the new Av and this club. Both are winners! :B:
I usually get to drive the Av only on weekends and long trips. Therefore, as Foreigner said it best, everytime I get in the Av, it "Feels Like the First Time".

I don't know who loves this vehicle more - me or the dozens of people who have drooled over it in the three months I've had it! Ahhhh - I love it more because it is MINE!
I have to agree with Mid.....There aren't many out there that can say they have driven my Av.....uhhh...correction there is nobody out there other than me who driven my Av....Does that make me a selfish bastad?... ;D
For some reason everytime I take it into the speed shop for some little thing like an intercooler, etc they need to test drive it to check it out ???
Heck...if it were me I would do the same thing...and leave some of your rubber on the pavement.... ;D