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New Black Z66 Owner!!!


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Mar 15, 2002
Southern Delaware
Well, last night after dinner we sent the dealer an email with our counter offer and he emailed us back at 9:20pm to say they accepted the deal!!

So, today, we called to set up financing and check on a few other things. Luckily, the dealer works with many different banks and was able to get us 5.35% for 60 months after we were approved. And, we had the salesmen check while we were on the phone, and it only has 8 miles! Pretty good for being around since December, I guess it must have been sitting around for quite a while. We're so excited!

Once again, it's Onyx Black with Neutral Tan cloth buckets, Z66 pack., Conv. Pack., and WOL tires. Sticker is $33,193 and we got it for $26,191, pretty good deal don't you think? We pick it up Saturday morning, and don't worry, we'll be there first thing!

I wanted to check, other than a test drive, what else should we look for before signing the papers on the Av.? Anything common or specific?

Yay! We finally got rid of the possessed 300M!
Welcome to the club, that's a wonderful deal. ;D Makes me wonder if I could have got a better deal. :cry: Oh, well.
Man great deal. I have the pewter z66 and did not get that good of a deal. Yea test drive it to make sure no lemon, then jump in with the mods. Look under the top door mouldings for rust if it has a roof rack, look below midgate from inside if it has been raining, see if it has smoke when starting, etc. Looks loke you did good, welcome aboard.
Wow, the indusry average is 15% off of list is the "best" you can get, you beat that handily. Good job.
Make sure to check the body for any dings or scratches. If you come back in a few days after you notice them, the dealer may not agree to fix those kinds of problems.

Also check to see if the tailgate shuts and locks correctly. That seems to be a common problem that the locking tailgate is out of alignment and needs adjustment.

But most importantly - get yourself ready for a vehicle ownership experience that you could never have imagined! :cool:

That is not a good deal.

That is not a Great Deal.

THAT is the DEAL of the CENTURY!!!

Using your numbers THAT works out to $905.96 BELOW dealer-invoice, after the $2002.00 cash-back has been removed. And yes, I adjusted for the pre-$220 price increase, which works out to approximately $194 increase on the dealer-invoice side of it.

That would make the dealer-invoice price of your truck about...
$29,098.96 before the $2002.00 cash-back incentive.

After cash-back that's $27,096.96, less your purchase-price of $26,191.00 equals $905.96 BELOW invoice.

So, where did you say you're buying this truck??
Can you send him my name & address? Just tell them to mail me a check for that 900 bucks and I'll drive down there and use it as a down-payment on mine.

What else should you look for?
Open the hood and make sure it has an engine. That 900 bucks had to go somewhere. Just kidding! ;D

Congratulations Beach. You got one heck of a deal there.

Seriously though, I would love to know where I can get a deal like that. Would you mind telling us where you bought it?

I can't wait to get mine.
Yay! We finally got rid of the possessed 300M!

Oh! Was that a trade-in??

What did they offer for that 300M? ???
What year was it? How many miles on it? What condition?
Did you check the KBB value on it?

That's probably where that $905.96 went.

That makes all the difference, you know.

Still sounds like a darn good deal. though.
Especially since it sounds like you hated that 300M.

Keep us posted.

I know you're going to love that Avalanche! :)

Me want one, TOO!!!
;D ;DHey Beach!
Congrats on the Z66!! Like everyone has said, your'e getting into a whole different breed of cat!

I'm sure you'll love it like the rest of us do ours! ;D ;D
;DI'll tell you how we got that price! It was explained to us as this. We originally were looking at an identical vehicle on the same lot that didn't have the Conveniance Package, and this one did. That one had an invoice date of 1/3/02, in effect, after the change of the year. So, the other on they had on the lot and the one we bought, despite having a slightly higher sticker, had an invoice of 12/6/01 and qualified for an additional GM $1,000 rebate for it having an invoice from the past year. Thus, that's how it's $900+ under invoice before the $2002.

As for the trade, they were actually pretty good on that too, not as high as we had hoped, but still fairly good. It's a 2000 Chrylser 300M with 18.5k miles, power sunroof, 17" chrome wheels, and a big boomin' Infiniti stereo system option. The NADA trade value ranged from 19,795 to 20,300. But, as expected, hardly do you ever get true book value on a trade.

All of this was done through GMBuypower and the dealer's internet guy. Emailed for Best Price, got it, went in, trade was valued, financing set up, and bingo bango, deal was done. Nothing hard at all. Still not as quick or simple as when buying our past 2 Chrysler's, but not strenuous either. I have a question though? Of the 2 GM dealers we went to, both salesmen were very courteous and helpful at doing their job, but it seemed like they were trained to sit and stare at you for a while without doing much. Not saying they'd just act dead, but it was as if they took their "stress-free" sales training a little too far, and were waiting for you to do and say it all. Kind of weird, but what the heck!

And then there's the Avalanche! We were just outside freezing out butts off in the dark taking the last few things out of the car and double checking things. They open at 9am tomorrow and we're going to leave as soon as we can to get there bright and early, so we can thoroughly inspect the Av. and drive it and then have the rest of the day to enjoy it! Pics will be up here under the PIXS link sometime tomorrow too! I love it when we buy new cars!!!

See yah! :cool:
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the dealer. We bought it at Seaford Burton Chevy-Olds in Seaford, Delaware. Very nice and courteous to work with so far!
Beach said:
?I have a question though? ?Of the 2 GM dealers we went to, both salesmen were very courteous and helpful at doing their job, but it seemed like they were trained to sit and stare at you for a while without doing much....

That just aint NATURAL!

Congrats on the new Avy...It's going to be like Christmas morning unwrapping a new Avalanche ;) ;)

Congratulations on getting your new Av! Sounds like you got a great deal!