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New Cats On My 02 Av


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Mar 25, 2002
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
Hello all,

About a week ago truck ran ruff and got a service engine light. so took it in yesterday and here is what they found. They replaced both cats as they were plugged. and needed a new fuel regualtor as it was letting fule leak by. I thought that was interesting. The truck has been running rich and they say thats why. now my truck did blow oil on start up for a while and they fixed that. but maybe the oil and crap plugged the cats. anyhow thought i would let you all know. and that was the 15,000 mile service as well. anyhow l8tr all
Guess what?!? I just went through the same thing! ?:8: ?Service dept says it was "Bad gas". ?We're at 16,000 miles AND three weeks before we had just gotten the truck back from the same Chevy service dealer for a rebuilt rear axle gear (metal shavings), flushing powering steering and changing fuel filter.

Any chance the change in the fuel filter wasn't done to spec and some of the gunk passed through to the fuel injection?? ?Luckily the service guy didn't charge us for the cat replacement!