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New Chevy Avalanche Ad - General Got It Right


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Have you seen the new Avalanche ad? :love: :love: The General got this one right!

I would call it the Av for all seasons ad. They start with the summer (show an Av in an off road setting) then go to the fall (show camping) then to the winter (show snow boarding) then to the spring (show kayaking).

All the while they show how the Avalanche can fit in to the active outdoor life style. They show TWO kayaks being loaded in the back (not on the top) with the midgate down - that's a powerful freakin message!

They also show a variety of colors instead of just black - still no 2500 or North Face though.

Only thing I wish they did - when they show the kayak demo they should have left the rear window in place! That way the world would understand that you can drop the midgate, but still have an air tight/water tight cargo area.

All in all a GREAT ad and it's clear that the General ad folks thought the same that we did - change for a dollar will only go so far, but Avalanche = active life style = fun is a much better message.

Kudo's to the General! :B: :B: :B:
Hey Chief, where did you see the new ad. I saw the old one on network tv but haven't seen anything new. I suppose that could be because I am spending sooo much time on a certain truck site...
LOL! I've seen it on the major networks - NBC/CBS/ABC --
Did you ever get the info I sent concerning EMT courses?
Drop me a line and we can talk on the phone about it.
OK . . so I lead a deprived life - spend little time in front of the TV. So . . I know that I found a web site with video clips of a couple of the early Avalanche ads, but can't remember where it was.

Does anyone know if this latest ad is on the web anywhere?
Would I be considered obsessive/compulsive because I am lamenting not having seen a TV commercial, for a vehicle I already own, because I am spending most of my free time on the aforementioned vehicles fan-club website? Do we have any Shrinks in the group? Not really sure I want to know the answer! Gotta go... must turn on the tv so I can hear it in the background...
There is an add for ditech.com in which the load officer is sitting at his desk talking to a couple and over his shoulder is a tv showing an AV. (y) Has anyone else seen this add?
The only one I've seen lately is the 2 guys plowing through the desert...when the passenger looks at the driver and says.....wanna switch......the driver then stops....change's the dollar and gets back in the driver seat....needless to say the passenger dude wasn't happy.... :B:

Saw the ditech commercial the other night, pretty funny. Also, in the commercial for the "SHAQ" burger from Burger King. Shaq walks in front of an AV in the street. Has anyone seen that one?

I have seen the Av in the Ditec commercial. I have seen the Shaq ad but didn't notice the Av in it . I will pay more attention to it now.
I saw an Av in a movie clip the other day. Didn't get the name of the movie . . . . . tuned in to the commercial too late. I'm sure it'll pop up again though.