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NEW Guy, Seeks Advice


Full Member
Mar 30, 2007
Augusta Ga
Well, my dreams are about to come true, I'm about to go and get a 03 Avalanche today, not the? exact one I was looking for, but hey Its pretty nice, and It seems to be a good deal. I wanted to know if there was anyone that could do a carfax for me? I dont want the account, they can look at it and tell me what they see. I have the VIN, also when they did a carcheck in the listing it say 1500/1500 North Face. But from what I've read on the four ms the past couple of days, I dont think its a north face. Any help would be useful!!!
is it a NFE?

if they show pics of the C pillar  it will have the NFE emblem and of course the seats have the additional stitching with the diamond pattern.

HOPE it works well for you..