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New Hand Painted Bowtie


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Jan 26, 2002
Los Angeles, California
OK Gang, here it is. I have been wanting one of these ever since I saw it. These USA Flag Bowties are hand painted and are not cheap. They will cost you $80.00 including shipping.

They are absolutely 100% beautiful. Bright colors and very very chip and fade resistant.

Additionally, they are also avail. for all late model Chevy trucks.

They are made by the Fleet Sales mgr. at Delillo Chevrolet (Club Sponsor). They can be ordered and most likely shipped the same day from Jeff Friley in the parts dept. (714) 847-6087

Tell Jeff that you are from the Avalanche Fan Club.

There is no minimum order for this price, it is just a special deal for us. Normal price is $89.00 plus shipping.

Awesome Flag Bowtie
Very kool looking.

I'd buy one if I didn't already have a flag bowtie.

Gotta wear this bowtie out. Maybe I'll spill some
gravy on it or something.

That is a nice bowtie. I have my flag on my antenae. I don't know if that would look good with my all black front or not.
WHAT AM I SAYING, Those Colors ALWAYS look Good
Hey XR, you know I'm interested! Count me in!

I'll try to give Jeff a call tomorrow. I just got the rear seat protective cover from him today.

Thanks for the headsup on this!
WOW!!! Nice bowtie! I do agree regarding the price though. Maybe if he gets enough of an order, he could do a little better. Just an idea
Hmmmmm... possibly an idea for a group buy!!!
The price does seem a little high. How much can the bow tie be? When you add the materials and the time I guess hand painted isn't cheap. Perhaps he can number them and make them a limited edition. I really like the waiving flag look. However the red bowtie still graces the front of my AV!!!
Isn't that the one on Ebay?
Removal: Just reach underneath the bowtie and push, towards the center, the two plastic clips (one on either side of the hood unlocking trigger). You don't need even the hood up.
After some practice, you can do it in 3 seconds flat; maybe faster! :eek:
Which is why I ran a ty-wrap thru the back after installing my aftermarket bowtie, to give it at least some degree of security.
Run a search over the last month or so, and you'll see that post and some others around removal/securing your new $bowtie$.
The ones on ebay are the same guy. I spoke with him today and he said that he will take $10.00 bucks off if you send in your stock Bow Tie.

So I guess it would be $70.00 incl. shipping with your bow tie in exchange.

The GM boxes shown on the ebay ad are from stock replacement bowties that have been painted and are shipped out in the same box.
XRover said:
The ones on ebay are the same guy. I spoke with him today and he said that he will take $10.00 bucks off if you send in your stock Bow Tie.

That's a pretty good deal for him. I custom painted my own bowtie, But I bought a spare in case I screwed up. I think I paid $18 for my replacement bowtie.

I will say this....as someone who has hand painted a Texas Flag bowtie.....this really is not a bad price. It takes a helluva lot of time and effort to do this properly. My first attempt took five days to get it done right and let it dry properly.