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New HPTuner


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Sep 21, 2006
I'm new here, so be kind!
I just recently received HPTuners Std version.
I purchased it with the intent of "improving" the fuel economy, performance, and driveability of 4 of our company's vehicles: 2 07 Avalanches, 1 07 Tahoe, & 1 06 Silverado.
I've already made some positive changes to the transmission TQM on my 07 Avy, but from there, I'm pretty much lost on where and how to proceed.
I've downloaded some tunes from the repository for comparison purposes, but there aren't many for the 07's posted with any modified tunes.?
I know there are some seasoned veterans here that hopefully can guide me in the right direction.....????
:welcome: to the club  :wave:

Start here

and be sure to save your stock files multiple safe places.
Yup.? The 07's are different. :E:
So, basically I'm to start with rescaling the MAF, then move to spark, then timing?
Any more tuning advice out there?