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New Incentives Next Month???




I'm real close to buying a new Avalanche. I keep looking at them and every time I start drooling.

The only problem is, I've already got a vehicle I really love, my Jeep.

I just learned that GM has extended their 0% offer to the end of September for 2002 models. I'm also eligible for the GM Supplier Discount through my work.

I've seen the GMS prices for Av's in my area, and the deals look really good.

The only thing is, there's no way I'd sell my Jeep before the end of the month. I'd rather sell it myself, than have the dealer buy it/make it part of the deal. I'm sure I'd really get screwed.

But, I'd be willing to have the dealer just pay what I owe on it if I can get a good deal on an Av.

Does anyone have any inside info (or even just a real good gut feeling) as to whether or not GM is going to extend their 0% offer another month?

If so, I'll hold off on a new Av until I can sell my Jeep.

I'm just curious as to what everyone thinks. Do you think GM will extend a bit more to help the dealers get the 2002's off their lots???
I got my Av in early August, and back then, there were not too many 2002 Avs left on the lots. If you want a 2002 with the 0% offer, and you are selective about color/options, you might have a hard time getting the Av you want.

At this time, you have your choice of 2002 and 2003 models with the 0% offer. After September is over, I wouldn't be surprised to see to the financing offer for at least 2003 models go away.
98dvl.... With the economy in the tank and Washington thinking only of war, great incentives will probably continue. Be patient..... you have a vehicle you like. On the other hand... the AV is much more fun than a jeep. :B:

I am in the exact same boat you are in. I have a 2000 Jeep that I am fine with. I really wanted an Av 2 years ago, but they were not out yet. Still just in car shows. I am about even on the Jeep payment wise.

I am psyched about the 2003 Av with the darker cladding. If they go to 0% for 5yrs on 2003's, I am definitely gonna go work the deal. I am gonna wait it out, it may be next October before it happens, but we will see.

I just wouldn't be happy without some of the characteristics of the 2003. I'm not gonna taint the largest purchase of my life by settling for something that isn't perfect to me.
Maybe you should go shop around and see what deals you can get for the new avy and the trade in....That would give you some idea of where you stand.....

I would expect the 0% to be around a while as the other manufactures have copied GM and have them slated to end later.....
I'm with ygmn.
I think that since Ford particularly, has got this "free ride" promo going where you don't have payments until the first of next year, GM will have to step up to the plate. However, Ford is doing this because they have way too many 2002's left and GM has very, very few 2002's. But I really think they'll extend the 0%, they just don't like to commit those rates for much longer than a month so they can see how sales are going and what competition's going to do.

I think you'll be OK to wait, only concern is will a 2002 (if that's what you want) still be there when you're ready to buy.
Good point on the possible extension because of the other offers out there...

I've looked and there are 8 2002 Z71's available in Tucson, and somewhere around 20 or so up in the Phoenix area. I'm hoping most of those at least make it through this weekend!
I think the 0% will carry on till the end of the year @ least. I havent seen 0% for 5yrs just 0% for 3 yrs, it sure does make a difference on payments.
The 2002's 0% for up to 60 months goes on through September 30.

The 0.0/2.9/3.9% (36/48/60 months) or customer cash of $1,000, $1,500 or $2,000 for the 2003's continues until October 31 right now.
I don't know about the offers being extended. Sooner or later GM is gonna have to cut-back or else they're going to screw up the future car market too much. I have not seen or heard anything here about us extending the offers, but we rarely know anything until like the day before it get's announced, if that.
I would try like heck to sell your Jeep now and try to get in on the current deals.