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Jan 27, 2002
Northwest Indiana

Hello I do not own a avalanche however i do own a 2000 chevy silverado. ?I frequent many truck message boards and i think i can provide some good info. ?

Currently i have about 24K miles on my truck. ?Its been great. ?I have a ton of accessories on it and here is some of them

LT285 BFG all terrains, bilstein HD shocks, westin nerf bars and tail light guards, go rhino grill guard, rhino spray in bedliner, husky mudflaps and floor liners, autoventshade side window deflectors and door sill guards, wade bedrail caps, chevy front license plate, painted side mirrors, mobil 1 oil cap, amber drl's

Here is a few pics if you would like to see any more let me know

Modified by Admin - sorry folks, the links didn't work - but the poster put them in the reply below - I'm just cleaning up the post

I hope i can be of some help (technical or otherwise)
Hey Ryan - welcome! You don't have to be an Avalanche owner to hang around here, but you'll have to forgive our bias ;)

Great looking Silverado Z-71, I like your choice of color ;) (owning an Indigo Blue Av I'm bias). Always looking for people to help with tech talk around here.
I found this forum on the PUTC board. Really kind of tired of hearing all the guys bad mouth the Avalanche just because they don't have one or can't afford one. Looking for a place to hang my hat and share info about THE MOTOR TREND TRUCK OF THE YEAR!!!!

Trophyman, nice to see you showed up for the party. I posted that message on PUTC in hopes the Avy group would read it. So far so good. I think you'll really like this place

So far I think it's great !!!! I believe we can get a lot more done without having to defend ourselves all the time. Thanks for the heads up.