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Nov 18, 2010
Denver, CO
Hello Everyone,
I guess the only thing better then having an Avalanche is having 2, as I just purchased a 2013 Black Diamond edition. So for about a month I will have 2 and then I will look to be selling my first, do we have a page for that, is it allowed here? The last thing I want to do is violate any rules.
I want to post a photo of my new baby but can't seem to get that to work, I'll try again later, in the meanwhile thanks for accepting me.
yes there is a spot here for that https://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com/cafcna/index.php?forums/chevrolet-avalanche-for-sale.32/


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Aug 6, 2013
Hello everyone, I'm back!!!

Been looking for a 2013 for awhile now and they are still too pricey for me.
I'll be getting a 2012 Avalanche 1500 LTZ delivered tomorrow.

Previously owned a 2004 and a 2007.
I feel great getting back into the Avalanche.

I've been driving a 2011 Ford Expedition Limited. It has been amazing as well.

Looking forward to offering/receiving support and ideas!


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Dec 15, 2022
Hello all. My name is Rob. While I'm just now joining this page, I've actually extracted bits of assistance here and there over the years.

My first Avalanche was a 2003 - I don't recall the trim level from those times, but it was about a full load. Charcoal grey. No cladding.
I traded that one in on a new 2007 LTZ, Sunburst Orange Metallic. I still have that one, although it's in need of some TLC. I've put about 260,000 km on it so far.
In 2016 I picked up a 2012 LTZ, Black. That one's got about 206,000 km on it now.
I do pretty much all my own maintenance and repair work. Been a DIY'er for about 40 or more years now and see no need to change. Advent of the internet and google have been a big help in that regard.

Anyhoo, happy to share what I've learned along the way, but more likely to be picking your brains for solutions to the not-so-obvious challenges!


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Jan 10, 2023
I’m Derek and brand new here. Trying to figure out how this website works still. I have an 07 LT. Bought it brand new. I’m in the corona Norco area in So Cal. I am having some issues with my truck. I’ll look through some threads before I post about them. Great truck. Thought about selling it but now I’m thinking about fixing it up and lifting it.


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May 3, 2012