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New Motor Is In, We'll See How This One Uses Oil.


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Jan 30, 2002
I picked my Av up Monday night, they dealer had finshed putting in the new 8100, so now its breakin time. Hard for me not to hammer it, after driving the impala for 5 days, just not the same get up and go. I am varying speed, no cruise, no full throttle blasts, basically driving like I am 85 yrs old. Oh by the way, I saw the GM invoice for the motor it listed for over $7000. Another thing I have noticed already is the sound after a cold startup in the morning, this sounds like a diesel too, no front crank pulley noise and squeak like the old one, so time will tell.



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Sep 23, 2002
So Cal
Gave me pause until I re-read your post and realized that you meant " break in " and not " breakin' ".

After all, I thought that getting the motor changed was all about it not being broken.


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Jan 24, 2002
:B:Glad the new motor sounds like diesel--as it should---mine has been like that from beginning.Once idled for 30 secs it quietens considerably--depending on the temperature--OAT

Didn't start burning oil till 9500 miles---last check with 5w50 Synthetic--1 qt in 330 miles.

Changed to 10w30 and in 2000 miles nothing used at all--figure this newly designed 8.1 l engine ,the newest in the lineup,would have little or no troubles--GM makes some fantastic claims for the new design features.

Sure has a lot of grunt though!!

Keep us posted on the results of the new engine!

When checking the oil,make sure you let the oil return from the upper areas,settle for at least 5 min--or you will show oil loss--never had an engine take so long to return oil to the pan area!!Maybe due to the new oiling system and the small filter used in this engine.

good luck!