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New Motor Trend For March 2003



I was just looking though my Motor Trend for March and found some really cool things. Like the concept car that Chevy is calling the Super Sport or the Chevy SS for short. Check out this link below:

You have to check out this one. This car has the new Caddy V-16 that puts out 1000HP at 1000ft-lb. Man that is powerful. They are also claiming it well get 20MPG on the highway. That is better gas milage then my Avalanche and my Avalanche has only about a quarter of that power. Check this one out too:

Those are the two things that I just saw in the Motor Tred that I thought was really cool take a look at them.

I like the SS...that is just a monster calling my name...with just a tad over 400bhp....it would be a nice addition to the bowtie family....I looked at the wife and told her she would look really nice in one..... ;D

>:DI like that SS. I know I always say I will never own a car for an everyday driver, but...

I could see myself in that for a second car. It's only money, right :-[
The SS looks to be a fitting replacement for the Camaro. I hope it sees the production line. ;D
I like the looks of the SS reminds me of the 1998 or so Toyota Supra from the back. Or even the Ferrari Daytona. I see Chevy is keeping with the bright band in the grille area (y)
The front end resembles that of the new Mazda RX-8



Sideview looks like an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish



So what do you guys think, did I match it up pretty well?

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Good eye, Strobin! I'd say you nailed it. ;D
Strobin_Avalanche said:
That's What I Get For Watching So Much Car & Driver TV

No one ever said that was a bad thing. Have to keep up on the new cars. I do it through MotorTrend and you get it from the TV. So, I'm just a guilty.

Dave02Z66 said:
I like the looks of the SS...rear....the Ferrari Daytona....

Ferrari 550 was the first thing to come to my mind.



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Nice comparison with the SS and the Ferrari 550. The tail lights on the SS and the 550 Are very similar. . . . . I wouldn't mind having the caddy's engine but that car is hideous.
I agree with you guys that the Caddy is ugly. I just put it up there cause of the engine. I thought that was pretty cool. I really liked the styling off the SS too. I never noticed some of the things you guys are pointing out before about the SS though.

When I picked up this issue of MT last weekend I thought the SS prototype was the next Camaro! ?:eek:

It was until I saw it was a four door did I realize it wasn't. ?With 4 doors I don't think it is intended to be a Camaro replacement but more of a modern day Chevell SS. ?I'm sure Chevy is working on a Camaro replacement but I don't think we'll see it for a few years.

I think the SS is the first of many great ideas to come from Bob Lutz's team he brought to GM. The SS looks great and it would really add a lot to Chevy's car line. I hope they build it and it comes in as they stated in the mid $30s. ?It will seat 5 so I can tell the wife it's a family car. ? >:D ?

Hey GM, how about dropping that bored out Vette engine into the AV? ?(y)