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New Products!!  Advantage Camo, REALTREE, And Timb



Hello everyone! First, I want to update you on the Discount for CAFCNA Members. This will be a link on CAFCNA that you click. When you click through the Discount for the CAFCNA will automatically be applied. We are done on our end, so hopefully you will see the link up on CAFCNA soon!

Second, just wanted to let you know that today we launched Advantage Camo Wetlands, REALTREE HD, and Timber HD Domed Tailgate Lettering and the accompanying Cladding Lettering. Watch our site every week as our Team of Designers release new products every week!! http://www.autotrimdesign.net/category.jsp?category=7323

Hey! They are some nice items on this site. I have to spend a little more time and make a few purchases. Thanks AutoTrimDesign.

i'm just waiting for the discount link to order my cladding and tailgate decals any idea of when it will be up and running?