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New Rear Rotor/Pad combo still squeeking


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Jul 28, 2004
Hi All,

I just had replaced my 2004 4X4 rear rotor/pads with SSBC rotors and pads. The truck has over 1000 Miles after the brake change. The left rear brakes squeeks when I ease in. If I 'step' on it to stop short it doesn't. I took it back to the shop twice. They have cleaned the rotor and greased everything, but no joy. It is driving me nuts  :E:

I just did a quick search and found only one lead i.e. the emergency pads or 'squeeler' (Honestly, I have no idea what it is..:) )

Any help will be appreciated.

Are they semi-metallic pads? These tend to squeak, not sure there is much you can do other than trying another type pad. There is also a lube that should be put on all metal contact points when installing new pads, did you use it?

EDIT: I see that you say that they did lube everything........my guess would be that the pads are simi-metallic.
Thanks for the response..!!

Jimbo53188, there are lot of products on that page. Did you have the brake cleaner or lube in mind..?


I'm having the same problem with the left rear pad squeeling...I've had it back to the shop twice also. I guess it's going back a third time. They tried cleaner etc...but nothing seems to work. They're talking of changing pads next.