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New Rims/Tires (Pics to Follow)


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Mar 16, 2007
North Dakota
So, if you told me that I would be buying new rims and tires today I would have called you crazy!

I kept looking online at the same set for two weeks.? I got the nerve today to call a few places and do some price shopping.? I called discount tire direct and they told me that the wheels that I was after weren't offered in 18" anymore.? I kept prodding him and told him that they were on the website, and he looked further and said that there were like 2 sets left nationwide in 18".? I believed him because when I talked to a local tire/wheel shop they called Weld and were told that they were no longer making this tire in 18's.? So, I folded and ordered them.

My final purchase was Nitto Terra Grappler LT285/65R18's with 18" Weld Velociti 6 wheels.? I will get pictures up as soon as I get them mounted.? Here's to hoping that they fit!! ???

I see some torsion bar adjustments in my future... But that should level the truck out nice anyway. :cheers:
:welcome: to the club. Look forward to seeing pics of your new tires and wheels. There's lots of info on here about cranking the torsion bars. Please read it carefully.

:welcome: can't wait to see pix! we want pics! we want pics!! we want pics!!! sorry, but someone will do it sooner or later, so it might as well be me... until they are posted....  :nopics:
      I think you will like your selection in tires, i just downsized from 20's to 18's and went with the terra grapplers 285/60-18. Just switched out b4 we got about a foot of snow last friday and they handled awesome in the snow.

congrats, I hope your going to show them off at the Nationals in July
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So, I got my new tires and wheels mounted today.? No torsion bar adjustments needed. (y)? BUT, there is always a but it seems, I think I made a wrong choice on the LT's versus the P rated tires.  :E:? The ride is much rougher, which in hind-sight shouldn't have been such a surprise.? I regret not sticking with the P-metric tires because I feel like I've lost my smooth ride for the next 50,000 miles...

I feel pretty stupid for not thinking about this before hand.? But, maybe I will come around to the stiffer "more truck-like" ride.

Sorry, the pics are still coming...? I don't want to post pics until I get it all cleaned up and shining!!