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New Toy, And It Matches


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Mar 15, 2002
Here is my new toy. Man was I geeked when I found out the trailer was black with chrome wheels ;D
Nice toy BLK!!!

Not only do you have fun riding on the water, but you have a blast getting there as well!!!

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
That's a great looking combination. I would have a tough time deciding which one I wanted to driving. Maybe a nice long drive to Holter Lake in Montana !
You truly have the best of both worlds..... :D
Now you're cookin'!

I want to know more about the toy. What length is it and what's hanging off the back? mha@ktc.com

WARNING: If you think you can put mods on an AV, wait till you see what all you can spend on an outboard!

We may have to start talking an AV boat rally
No,.. no ,.. no...
Nothing hanging off the back!
It's a 325 hp. FI chevy sittin in the center ( inboard)
Pure flat wake for me ;D