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SM 2003
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Sep 24, 2002
San Antonio, Texas
Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Been checking out this board for awhile now and just wanted to say what a great job you guys and gals have been doing. Not yet an AV owner but hoping to be one soon. Just have to wait a little longer to get out from the smart buy I'm currently in now (I know, I know dumb move right).:( Been to two dealers in the area and both can't get me to where I need to be as far as payments but I have not given up yet. The one I want is still on the first dealers lot. Just hope it will stay there a little while longer. :) But a least I now have this site to keep my spirts up till then. Keep up the great work.

Hi Guy!

Welcome to the club.

Whaddaya mean you're not an official member? You signed up, so you're a member! You don't have to have an Av to be official! We have many members here who don't have one, are dreaming of one, or waiting for delivery of one. We even have at least one member who doesn't even have a license yet! But that doesn't stop "the dream."

Keep looking, keep trying, and you'll get your truck soon enough! Until then, you're welcome here as an official member. (y)

-- SS
Welcome to the club.....

MAny members do not have AVY....most want one though >:D

Keep shopping you will gets yours soon.

Check out how long I've been "unofficial" :(

The good thing is I'll know my new truck (SUV, UUV, super-sized transformer, whatever you decide to call it) inside and out when I am finally able to purchase it.
Welcome aboard Scifi! ;)
I believe Skidd holds the record for most posts without an Av. But soon he will no longer hold the title! It's on its way!!
Welcome to the club from one "unofficial" member to another. I don't have an avy either, but I'm working on it. I expect to have my bum in the seat by the new year (it's a long story). I'm sure you'll enjoy the info and the folks... they sure are a great bunch.