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A strange noise can be one of the most elusive and deceptive of all vehicle dilemmas. With my 2003 1500 and 9000 miles, I just KNEW some pump or other device had gone bad. I had been ignoring the slight buzz in my passenger side dash, at 2000 rpm's, until my significant other, mentioned it. She's has NEVER said anything about ANY vehicle, I have ever owned. So, I had it checked-out. Dealer number one, couldn't discover the source, after keeping my auto all day, and requesting I leave it another day..."Nope". Next day, Chevy dealer number two, found the source within three hours. The transmission dipstick assembly, somehow was loose, and was rattling against the frame/firewall area. ;D
Good for you! Those noises can drive a person up the wall. I have a scrunching noise that sounds like it's behind the instrument panel, but goes away when it rains. That means it's actually outside the truck. I can't duplicate it when parked, so it's proving a real bugger to find. I'll track it down evenually, but in the mean time, the stereo has been getting a workout.