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Non-skid Pads For Center Console


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Jan 17, 2002
Knoxville, TN
Some time ago there was mention on the forum of a non-skid pad that is made especially for the slippery center console surface to keep things from sliding off. At that time, the pads were out of stock from the vendor and it was anticipated that within a couple of months they would again be available. Does anyone know where to hunt these things down? ???

I have in the meantime improvised with a non-skid fabric cloth piece that works pretty well. In fact, if I can't get a pad especially made for this area, that looks half-way decent - I am going to shoot this fabric piece with some charcoal colored paint to match the console surface, cut it to the correct size and paste it in place. :0:

Does anybody know what brand and color name of paint at your friendly Pep Boys or hardware store matches as close as possible to the charcoal interior trim on the console?

It would be great if someone would make a non-skid console pad with the yellow bow-tie emblem on it like the one that is in the back of our leather seats so it would all match together! They'd get my business!
Just in case anyone is interested - I went back and looked up the thread on the forum concerning this request and have pasted it below:

Console non slip pad thread

I also followed up with Performance Products about the availability of the console insert and they are still awaiting shipment of the products. ?They told me they are expected to be in on May 24th. ?Here's the link for their web page on the console insert:

Click here

My questions are: ?How "non-skid" are these inserts? ?Does the tan color match the neutral leather interior of our trucks? ?Any takers? ? ????
I put on in my AV about a year ? ago. Works Great... Spilled stuff on it...it cleans up with a little water. I think I bought the one for the 02 suburban. Cause the mfgr didn't have one for the AV at the time. Don't remember the mfg. but its probably listed in my sig.

I found a black drawer liner that works quite well. I also put some on that little shelf under the stereo and keep my business card holder on it. Nothing has slid off it yet. I ?tacked? it down with some reusable poster stuff.

I had to but the entire roll and still have a number of feet left. Send me a PM with your address and I will send you a piece big enough for you to cut and do the same.

Aka ?ucitysoccer?
ucitysoccer said:
I found a black drawer liner that works quite well. ?

I use the same stuff. It is a little tacky to feel and has a kind of webbing. Got mine at home depot. I also put a little on the hump in front of the console to set stuff on.

Works great and is an inexpensive solution
I'll tell you something else that works great. Your old mousepad! I save them and pull the cloth like top off and cut them to size and use them for everything that I need to keep in place.

i saw something cool on ebay the other day. it is a dash kit made to match the Denali wood grain. it included a piece that would go into the center console. it looked nice, but what about the items you put on it? won't they slide? would they scratch it? i almost wanted to do the "buy now" option until i thought about those two questions. the kit was only $201.00 at the "buy now" option.
Butch is correct- a mouse pad has the non skid rubber stuff on the bottom, can be cut to fit, and if you want to swap them out, get some industrial velco at the hardware store and put strips on the console and hooks part on the pad and you are in business and you can find colors everywhere.
I am glad some have gone back in the history to find older threads that still have merit.....'