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Hello to all. I am close to purchasing an Avalanche Z71. I'm moving to Colorado and need a good off-roader. I do have a few questions for you experienced owners. Does the long wheel-base of the Av hinder it on what they call "jeep" roads, where the switchbacks are sometimes tight? How is it in the snow? And is there a cassette player that fits in the slot in the dash below the power outlets? The dealers I've talked to say that the slot is just another cubby-hole but I doubt this. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks. :D
So you want to know if the AV is good in the snow. When you live in BUFFALO NY you get a lot of snow. The AV is excellent in snow. And I mean 4 to 6 feet. Don't worry about snow.
I don't have anything on Buffalo, but the one time this year that it did snow....I wanted to see just how well the Av would do..so when stopped at a red light I put it in 4x4 and waited for the green..

Let me tell you, it jumped off the line like a bat of hell....I was impressed needless to say....

If this helps any?
Thanks for the information. I'm pretty sure now that I'll buy the Avalanche. There are some nice discounts at the local dealer (fully loaded Z71s for under 30k), so now is the time, I guess. :D
Realistically you are looking at 43+ vs 37 foot turning radius comparing the AV vs Jeep Grand Cherokee - not a big difference, but there will be places the Jeep can go that you will not be able to. Lots of things the Jeep can't do. I would recommend the Z71 without hesitation.