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Not Your Average Oil Change


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SM 2003
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Feb 27, 2002
Twin Cities, MN
So I'm on my 3rd oil change and this was going to be my first full synthetic change. So I get to my local non-franchised shop after work (owner is a local race car guy). His associate says "we are all out of synthetic." Well, I had already planned on getting the oil changed and was bummed they were all out of syn. The manager then says the red bottles in the back ARE synthetic and he can use those. So the guy says, "do you want those then?" to which I say "yes, I want the full syn oil change." He said "it is Motorcr@ft oil. Is that OK?" "Sure, as long as it's synthetic," I say.

So now my Chevy is lubricated by F0rd juice for the next 4k-6k miles.

sorry. Nobody should be forced to do that.

Using Ford juice in a Chevy...

:eek: :eek: :eek:

That's Sacreligious!!!
So jamie when you change it now?

and will this oil change place get you some non ford oil?
I though it was kind of funny, actually. They did give me a discount as the normal, Valvoline Synthetic they usually use was out. They did see my hesitance, but bottom line is even though it's Motorcr@ft, it's probably someobody else's oil rebadged for them anyway.

YGMN, they normally use Valvoline Synthetic. They gave me a discount because of the whole mixed-blood thing.

I was at 9366 miles for my 3rd oil change. I will from now on, go by the oil monitor. Now I just have to go outside and read up on how to reset it again...

That WOULD suck. I'm pretty sure we'll be OK. May take a little counseling for the Vortec though. Kind of like drinking Raineer (sp?) Beer when you're used to Newcastle Brown Ale. It upsets your tummy. Hopefully little Vortec won't act up on me.

i have never heard of an Cheord mut before. I hope your AV does not look at it self in the windows of passing cars and see a Ford sportside. That could be devastating to a AV real Truck.