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OEM Power Assist Steps - Can you add them?


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Feb 14, 2007
Meadowlands, NJ
The dealer mentioned that the OEM powered steps can be turned on/off via the DIC, which got me wondering if all trucks are 'pre-wired' for them?

The bottom line is that I may buy an LTZ that has them, but I'd much rather have tube-style steps that will protect the truck a bit when parked, but was curious if there'd be a market for them. What do you guys (and girls) think? 
The problem is the only '07 LTZs that my dealer can find (so far) that match what I'm looking for all seem to have the power steps, and they're an expensive option that I really don't want. Yeah, I can order an '08 and wait 2-3 months, or buy an '07 with them now, get $2k in rebates, and maybe make a few bucks on top of that if I knew they can be added on to someone else's truck and wouldn't just sit and take up space in the garage.
I also would like to know if this can be done.  If so, what parts and how difficult?  I've searched this forum and others to no avail.  Someone must have tried this....????
Very hard on a scale from 1 to 10 its a 11 about 700 dollars


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What makes it challenging?  Have you done it? Did you add to an older cladded model?  I have an 08 ltz w/o cladding, so I hoping it will be a little easier?

I give up this quest....  I found some parts numbers on the cadillac forums and it turns out the wiring harness alone is $480, thats not counting over a grand in other parts.  I don't mind that money, but paying five hundred for some wires seems expensive and daunting.  Oh well, other mods to follow...