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Off-Road Auxilary Lights


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Jul 18, 2002
Cooperstown, New York
I have been trying to choose a good off-roading light , but have been unable to decide. Right now I am trying to decide between a Warn SDB-210 series which is 200,000 candlepower and is in the $300 range, but I don't know anything about them, I also like the PIAA 580 series that is also 200K CP, and $300; and they are both made specifically for off-road. I just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with these particular models, and hopefully from that I can make up my mind.

James R. :cool:
James, I don't have either of those two lights you mentioned, but I do have PIAA 520 Ion Chrystal up front - I can tell you that PIAA makes a nice kit, and I have seen more than my share . . . who makes the lights for Warn?
I believe that Warn makes their own lights. The two that interested me, are both 200,000 candlepower, one of them is a HID system and suprisingly it sells for $1400 :eek:, which seems to be an awfull lot of money, given that the HID headlight systems sell for half as much.
I know that PIAA makes a really nice kit, I was planning on getting the 520 series, but I would like to get a set with a little more power so I probably will get the 580 series.

-James R. :cool: