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Oh.Boy! Here We Go Again !!! Gov't Testing!!


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Apr 13, 2002
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (news - web sites) released rollover ratings for 14 sport utility vehicles from the 2003 model year. Most got three out of five stars from the agency. None got a four- or five-star rollover rating.

Two General Motors Corp. SUVs ? the Cadillac Escalade EXT and the Chevy Avalanche ? and the Mitsubishi Montero Sport received two-star ratings.


That rollover rating is total b/s.
It's based on grade school physics, and 'statics' not even 'dynamics' at that. No consideration of even basic engineering and suspension mechanics, no relationship to the real world!
Well I guess if I was worried about someone gradually tilting the car park until my vehicle fell over, I'd be real worried about my Avalanche :rolleyes:
Tree_Hugger said:
That rollover rating is total b/s.

Quite true...as a retired accident reconstructionist, I can say that the formulas they use are theoretical only and not based in the real world. You must test the actual object to determine if
it will respond as you think it will. My AV feels quite stable to me in emergency maneuvers (not that I want to do them often, that is! :eek:).

Typical governmental hoo-ha! :7: