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Oil Plug


Full Member
Sep 1, 2002
Horsham, PA
While performing my 1st oil change last night, I was showing my cousin how the drain plug had a magnetic tip intergrated in the design, when it slipped out of his hand and hit the concrete. :8:

I checked it before putting it back, it appeard okay - but the tip seemed slightly loose. I tried to pull and prod the magnet part out, but it wouldn't move. I put it back, but I am wondering if I should just replace it on my next oil change. :cautious:

My question is, has anyone examined their plug and if so, does the tip move slightly? ???

Also, is there an on-line source to order a factory replacement? I checked gmpartsdirect and could not find it. :0:

Even though you couldn't find it at gmpartsdirect.com they probably have it. They have to have your VIN# to do anything (pretty frustrating). Their shipping maybe high, but I still think they've got pretty good prices.
I changed my oil for the first time on Saturday, had the oil drained and everything and couldn't get the friggin' oil filter off. I tried everything. I even walked to the nearest auto parts place to get a filter wrench and ended up paying $8.00 for a size too small for the filter. I'm pissed, the guy said it should fit average car/truck. Well I guess the AV isn't average. So now I've got $30 worth of Mobil 1 in and an old dirty filter. Not the best experience :8:
The magnetic insert in the oil plug is loose . . . not to the point of falling out, but not rigidly attached to the plug either. ?Yours is probably OK.

FYI, when dealing with GMPartsDirect, give them a description, and they will give you a part number. ?Then you can order from that number.

Earthquake - I had to punch a screwdriver thru my original oil filter to get it off. This has another advantage . . there is a LOT of oil trapped above the oil filter that makes a big mess when the filter is unscrewed. Punch a hole in it first, and the oil will drain making for a much neater experience!
get your self a thin piece of sheet metal about 18 to 24 inches long and about 8 inches wide place under oil plug and filter and into drain pan and you will have no mess when you change the oil, as listed in another post punch hole in filter as there is a lot of oil above that filter. :0: