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OK A Little Help On The Noise Fix


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Jan 30, 2002
New Mexico
OK, I just put on a hood deflector and yep I get the noise now. I see references to a fix concerning the windshield moulding. I did a search and can not find the actual fix details. Would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction? :C:
I need some help too! Even though I ordered and had installed the genuine Avalanche deflector by my local Chevy dealer (where I purchased the Avalanche), the dealer doesn't want to take off the window reveal mouldings to do the required taping. (In fact the dealer said the tape did not even come with the deflector package.) Hence, the cracking noise is terrible at 45+ mph.

I am looking for a professional in the Alexandria/Fairfax, Virginia area that knows how to do this job so I can leave the deflector on the Avalanche. Otherwise, my wife wants it taken off. I understand from reading the various e-mails on this topic that it takes about 30 minutes per side, if you know what you are doing and have the proper tools. You have to be careful about this so you don't void your GM warranty.

Michael, believe me, I was as concerned as you are. It really is an easy fix and I cannot figure how this would void your warranty. All you have to do is pull of the trim piece on either side and re-tape the entire surface area beneath. All GM did was put one 2-2 1/2 inch piece of trape under the trim piece. You are simply going to add a 20" x 3" piece beneath the trim.

My dealer wanted to use window sealant on the entire area to cease the noise. Thankfully, Chief, Sadurbin and a few others gave me the needed support and encouragement to do this myself. Like I said, I was concerned about what I may be doing. The 3M tape cost me $5 and the whole job, going slowly and carefully, took no more than 30-45 minutes.

Be brave and do it yourself. A very easy job and I would even be willing to give you my phone number if you needed to call me during your installation if you need additional assistance. There are no "proper" tools. Just a #2 phillips regular and short (for the screw nearest the hinge). A grease pencil or white-board marker also help in marking the glass.


PS. Since you're an owner, why not register here as it's free and loaded with great information and helpful tips.

My GM bug deflector did have the required 3M tape in the box and I didn't know what to do with it at first.
After experiencing the noise problem, I came back here and found the fix and applied the tape to the window molding myself in about 30 min.

Its easy...

Your GM deflector should absolutely have come with the tape. Your dealer probably misplaced the tape or didn't know what to do with it. I would speak directly to the service manager and have him deal with it.

The tape is part of the deflector package and install. You paid the dealer for the deflector and installation. It is not your responsibility to have the second part of the install to dealt with.

If your dealer is not willing to do the proper GM install then I would use another dealer.
I second Xrover on this.

I decided not to tackle it, got an installation price from my dealer and had it done. The tape wasn't installed. I showed him the installation instructions, he said I was right, pulled it back inthe shop and did it, no questions asked.

GM sent the tape and wrote the instructions, you paid for the installation, have them finish it. If not you should get a refund on the installation, otherwise you paid them to put in 4 screws.

What a great site. I just put my deflector on and hate the noise. As I am getting ready for 2,500 road trip, I came hear looking for help.

I am printing the guide to fixing the noise problem and will have a quick project before my trip.

I even told my dealer about this site over the weekend and they are going to consider sponsoring a Denver club.

I just completed my tape job and finished by test drive. Not a snap crackle or pop - tested it up to 90mph - quick up and down so Johnny law didn't notice. Before it made a terrible noise at 65mph. I have Lund.

One tip for those who are as literal as me. I was looking for 3" double stick as mentioned in the article - There is no 3" wide double stick. You gave to buy the 1" in 50" rolls. I things this actually made the job easier. Big THANK YOU to Jstickl - big help when I was couldn't find the 3" tape in any store

I have low mechanical skills and it took me 45 min, so if I can do it anyone can tape it up.
Dude - do it yourself. You won't void the warranty and it is very, very, very simple. When it comes to my Av - I'm a weenie on doing almost anything by myself - and I'm the one who wrote the "how to" for March CAFCNA Magazine!

You can do it yourself - the materials are real cheap, under $10 including cleaner and a new razor knife, and it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to do both sides. You'll be thrilled with the results and it will serve for a great ego boost... :2:
I did the fix, and the Noise is gone. Whole thing took about 20 minutes. Piece of cake. Happy and quiet up to 90mph with a 20-25 mph crosswind ( you gotta love New Mexico in the Spring)

Thanks for input and instructions guys.

:B: ;D
Can the tape be put on the trim rather than on the glass?
Hi, all I can say is thank you. I bought my Av in july 2001. Paid for the conv. package which included the GM approved deflector. Wind noise was there from the get. Their only solution was to run caulking all around the windshield. This is going to be a problem as soon as the windhsield has to be replaced

Again thank you. I'm armed with the info now :)
If Michael Matelski is still reading this, I'm the guy with the blue Av in your neighborhood. ?You've got my eMail address. ?I'd be happy to help with the taping job. ?

--- Chris
I added the GM hood deflector. I immediately decided to add the windshield trim tape.

I kinda cheated. I didn't follow the CAFCNA directions directly. I CAREFULLY got the 2 sided tape behind the trim. I was scared to pull the trim piece off since it was on there really good. I peeled the tape backing out successfully.

No tape seen and now no flapping noisey trim.
Good news....

Bad news....

Mirror vibrates over 55 mph.

My drivers' side mirror vibrates slightly but not the passenger side.

How on earth did you slip tape *behind* the molding?? Pulling it off sounds worse than it really is and once the screws are out there's only a single piece of tape holding it on.
My driver side mirror vibrates as well. My question is this,......Is this vibration caused by the hood deflector,....or a defective mirror assembly.

My passenger mirror seems fine.

The Bug Deflector causes enough air disturbance to make the mirror pane (usually only on the drivers side) to vibrate. The only repair currently is to either live with it or remove the bug deflector.

GM knows of the problem.