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On the fence? Honest 07 opinion


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May 18, 2005
Honestly I have to tell this for everyone thats looking for an Avalanche.? I got a heck of a deal on my 04 Z71 Ave...$9500 off MSRP with all the rebates and discounts...$27500.? It has been the best daily driver Ive ever owned.? Completely happy with it.?

Never in the shop once...65,000 miles.? Front left caliper went out at 60k so I had to replace it myself with rotors/pads.? Original GY tires still on it!

4:10s make it fun to drive and accelerate up these hills and short on ramps.

7in shorter than my old Z71 Silverado so it fits in the garage perfect.

No complaints whatsoever...except that its out of warranty:)

I want to replace it and GM did everything to discourage me.? ?New ones are substantially more money with less features.? IN MY OPINION I Dont like the fake wood trim.? Dont like the low front ground clearance.? Killed the 8.1L.? Cant get the 6.0L without spending $6k in options.? Cant get heated leather without spending $4k in options.? Cant get power folding mirrors...Z71...or homelink...or remote starter...etc without buying the big dollar option packages unlike my 04.? ?Not crazy about the new colors..grays and blues are bland..never own orange.? And the rebates are going to go to $3k as soon as I buy!

All the dealers lots are full of 3LTs & LTZs...$40-48k...no LS or 1LT...way too rich for my blood...all have 3.73s...way too slow for me...4.10s are so much snappier.? First couple dealers give me $14-16 for my 04 trade.? Dealer I bought the 04 from will give me $18k trade.? Decided to order exactly what I can afford..1LT, 4.10s, 40/20/40 (so i can slide over and pull mirror in) Side air bags.? Dealer threw in $199 remote start.? I get GM supplier...$3k off MSRP...I think everyone can get that now.? Been waiting for weeks...dont have to take it when it comes in.? Trying real hard to buy something else instead because of GM.? Dealer told me bench seat will get me brushed aluminum interior trim too...just like the 07 brochure picture.

Looked every day since I ordered March 1st for low mile 06 Avalanches...none to be had...05 Escalade EXTs..little too much.? Went back to the dealer to look at 07s and they got an LS and 1LT in...both gray.? Low and behold the LS has the brushed aluminum trim..the 1LT with 40/20/40 has the wood...Arrrhhh.? Cant fit a 6th person in front with that tumor console in the center.? And the armrest has no box lid now.

Checked all the other makes...read all the reviews...Only other vehicle in the same league is a Titan Crew cab.? Friends have all switch over to Titans and love them.? Titan can tow.? It can go offroad.? Went to buy a Titan today...check in hand...$6500 off MSRP...kick ass motor...excellent interior...

I couldnt do it.? Its hard to tell you this but once you have an Ave its too hard to accept anything else. Id be giving up too much.? Even though to me GM went backwards in certain areas its still better than the competition. Its so freakin versatile.. It rides and drive nice.? Better gas mileage than any gas pickup.? Its got the warranty...remote starter...size...seating..? If you haul gravel or lumber daily then its probably not right for you...but if you haul people mostly and need the ability to haul something else...its the only way to go.? So i guess im going to stick out these last few weeks until it gets here.

And finally if you can afford the 3LTs or LTZs...DO it.? If you can afford the 6.0L...do it. Thats icing on the cake now.? Guys here that have them...You have one heck of a nice ride.
It sure sounds like another Ave is waiting for you somewhere and I hope you don't settle for anything less than the exact one you want.  I'd hang on for a few more months.  When they start building the 2008's this summer, you'll be able to afford most any 2007 Ave you want!  It would certainly help if you can get past the objection to the wood trim as there are thousands of LT's and LTZ's in dealer inventory right now and that's where the deals are going to be.  You were right on backing out of that Titan purchase.  The GM warranty is absolutely unbeatable and it was a big factor in our decision to buy our Ave.  Good luck with your search!
I know a little bit about what you're going through.  I have been wanting an AV since 2004, but just in the past couple of months got serious about it.  Sold my 'Z71 Silverado and figured I'd trade the '90 Suburban 4x4 if I found something before I could sell it.  Started looking at '07s and like them a lot overall, but with the option packaging now, are more expensive than ever, (I wanted a Z71 for the better frontend clearance).
So, somewhat reluctantly, I started to consider "pre-owned".  I have not bought a used vehicle for primary transportation since the early '70's, but I figured if I could find a good one, I could get a loaded AV at a reasonable price.
I centered my search on the '04's, mainly because of the standard 3:73 gearing and with help from Avalanche Fox, found a 35,000 mile one owner Z71 last weekend, fully loaded with leather, sunroof, etc.  I traded the old Suburban, (221,000 miles) and drove it off the dealer's lot for $21,500. 
I did buy a gmpp 3 year extended warranty just in case and so far I am very happy with my "new" purchase.
Point is, if you can wait a few months till the '08's come out, there will be a slew of used '05's, 6's and 7's to choose from and if you don't want to go the pre-owned route,  there will be great deals on leftover loaded '07s.
Avalanche Fox's service on looking up vin numbers for claims is great if you decide to go with a pre-owned one and Auto Trader and various other online vehicle sites will give you a lot of choices.
However you choose, good luck and hats off for passing up the Titan.
why don't u just do an order...  it sounds like u already know what u want... just have it built... that's what a lot of our members did.  then u're not spending the money on features u don't wanna have... couple that w/ the supplier discount from one of our members on here and u're rockin' & rollin' (y)  just make sure u mention the supplier thing BEFORE placing the order... gl :D
Though the improvement of the new trucks is undoubtable, I too at least still have issue with model and equipment packaging.

1) You SHOULD be able to get the Z71 exterior and suspension as is, but also on the 1LT.  A huge supply of the '02-06 trucks sold were moderately optioned, cloth seated, Z71 models and it was a highly liked way to do it, plus was always different from being like the Tahoe & Suburban that relegated the Z71 only to already fully loaded LT's.
2) The 6.0L, too, should be available on 1LT's and up, and that one is self explanatory.  Yes, people who buy premium level models with leather and everything usually want the best powerplant, but so do people who buy moderately optioned models--kind of like how it's available on the Silverado.  And it shouldn't mandate Autoride, either, as even as nice of a thing as that can be, not everyone wants the electronic suspension.
3) Simple as could be, inside, there should be a CHOICE of wood or silver trim straight from the factory.  The pieces are all click in simple, and can definitely be changed after the fact (as some have already done), but you need to offer a choice.  I understand the added complexity of that, but one vehicle--the rather lowly Impala--is actually the one that does have the factory choice of either, as a no cost preference item, and it's terrific.

Not to say I wouldn't personally love to have a new '07+ for just how much they've been improved in so many other ways, but I really hope they also get the equipment levels sorted out a bit better as time goes on to allow combinations that were had before.
I appreciate the input guys.  I do have one ordered...VIN this week...cant afford what I want...just got the basic...and I will change out the hideous fake wood.

I cant wait for a leftover...no one orders 4.10s and I wont own one without...and the dealers order very few white and black Aves compared to the other colors...lots are stacked 10 to 1 with the other colors.  I do see a few around so I guess someone is buying them.

I completely agree an offroad package should be available in all trim levels...but then again is the Z71 really an "off road" package.  I really think GM made bad decisions but at least they have side air bags as an option on all trim levels...some Toyotas only offer them as an option on the high end trims...guess they think rich lives are more valuable than poor.