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One Mod Only One Mod What Would You Get!

Bigge Hayward said:
Hey say you had a real lot of money and u could only get ONE mod what would it be???
That's easy for me: BedSlide.

Not dressy or glamorous, but very practical. I smile every time I slide it out.

-- SS
Ok I'm going to be the not so pratical one here. I love the looks of my Tal & Hadas grill gaurd w/ skid tubes and that is it for me. I love the looks of griill gurds on trucks.
I would love some 20's :cool:
Lift Kit with all the trimmings (wheels/tires that match the new size).

If that counts as more than one mod, then I vote for a Whipple instead.

The mod I use the most was free. We go out of town almost every weekend and this is Mn. Its cold in the winter and we like to keep food and personals in the heated cab. So by now you must know its the head rest mod. If money were not a problem no question a twin sister avalanche for the wife.
I would get the GM Brush Guard but if I had alot of money I would pay off/trade in my 2002 AV on a 2003 Yellow Z71 loaded ($43,312 MSRP) ;D
I was already to tease you Kim about not saying Neon but then :rolleyes:

You ruin all my fun :cry:
SUPERCHARGER SUPERCHARGER more practical im really happy with my HyperTech Power Programmer
I have to vote for the Bedslide. Getting my tools and test equipment out of the back each day would be (was) a pain in the arse without it.
Viper alarm system with built in remote start. After all... if you cannot protect your toy, what good will it be?